When I'm adding or editing an event, what do the toggles under "Website Settings" do?

We let you choose the privacy settings for every single event you add—so you're in total control of who sees each event on your wedding website, and who can RSVP online.

If you choose to collect online RSVPs for say, a private welcome dinner, you may want only your invited guests to see that dinner on their RSVP page—and for only them to be able to respond on your site (and choose meal selections, etc.).

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When you're adding or editing an event, you'll see a section at the bottom of the page called Event Settings on Website. Within Event Settings on Website, there are two options with toggles that control your event privacy: "Make event public to all guests" and "Let guests to RSVP on website" (circled in red above).

Switch the first toggle on if you want all your guests to see this event on your wedding website. Keep it off if you want your event to be private and only visible to the invited guests when they RSVP. You can learn more about Private events here.

Switch the second toggle on to let invited guests RSVP to that event on your site. Even if it's a private event, your selected guests can RSVP online. Keep in mind, only guests that are "Definitely Invited" to an event, will be able to submit an RSVP on your wedding website.

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