How do I connect a domain name I bought through Zola to my wedding website?

If you already bought a custom domain through Zola, the next step is to forward it to your Zola wedding website.

Follow these steps:

  • From the confirmation email you receive, click on the button saying "Go To My Account" or click "My Account" from this screen.


  • Next to the domain you just bought, below "Set up," click "Connect to an existing site."


  • On the next page, click "Use My Domain."


  • Then, "Connect."


  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for where it says "Forward To Any Site."

Note: Zola is proud to offer domain forwarding, but we do not currently offer domain masking. Forwarding without masking means that if guests type in your longer Zola web address (ie., they'll be redirected to the same site as your custom domain (ie. but they'll still see the longer Zola web address in their browser.


  • Paste in your Zola website address and click "Next." Not sure what your Zola website address is? Click here to find it.

Note: If you have password-protected your wedding website make sure to include the "/passcode" at the end of your URL so it can be redirected properly. (i.e.

  • You will see a confirmation screen—click "Finish."


  • You're all done!
  • Please note: You must make your website "Visible to Guests" in order for your domain to work and for guests to view your website. Learn more about making your website public here.

If you want to buy a custom domain, click here to learn how.

Still have questions? Send us a note via the Contact Us form.

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