How can I control if my website is searchable on search engines or on Zola?

In addition to making your wedding website public or private, within your Privacy Settings you have the option to make your website searchable on search engines and on Zola.

To make your account searchable, head into your Account Settings and go to your Privacy settings page

From there, you can choose if you would like your website and/or registry to be searchable on search engines or Zola:


Change your settings by clicking "Yes" / "No" and then selecting "Save Search Changes."

It usually takes about 30 days before you can find your site by Googling your names-this process is unfortunately out of Zola's control. But if it were up to us, there would be no wait! It can also take up to 30 days for Google to remove your website from search, even after adjusting your privacy settings or deleting your account.

Zola has no control over this timing and cannot speed up the process of adding or removing your website to search engines.

If you would like to reach out to Google about removing a deleted site, please use this link:

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