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Southern belle at heart and born and raised in the heart of Clemmons, north Carolina. I am currently 29. I have traveled and lived in many different places. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and I absolutely fell in love with the breathtaking mountains and beautiful beaches. The lagoons and mochi are what I miss the most! My daughter was born in Kailua. I named her Carolina to remind myself of home. If you are looking to elope take me with you and I can show you around! I miss it dearly! I started shooting when I was a little girl living with her grandparents on a “farm”.

It truly delights me to work with such amazing couples and it absolutely brings so much joy to my heart that you are here reading all about me so that we can grow, learn about one another, share and discuss goals for the big day and start this journey together! When I was sixteen, I took a job at a local photography studio and the rest was history, I have now been shooting for more than ten years and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with a camera always close by my side.

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3.8 (9 reviews)

  • Amazing Experience

    Verified review
    Erica T23 days ago

    Hannah has such a great personality and was very easy to work with on the day of. She provided exceptional service & helped make on the fly decisions. Her photos speak for themselves and we got an extensive preview right away!


    Verified review
    Anonymous bridea month ago

    DO NOT hire Hannah !!!! I can’t say that enough - she said she was in a wreck the morning of my wedding (I hope was actually a true story) and had a substitute photographer come. I missed 3.5 hours of picture time and she tried to not refund me the proper amount of money back. Very poor communication - it would be months before ever hearing a response from her. Couldn’t get a hold of her via email text or phone. Always an excuse for her behavior ! My pictures were poor quality - the sun rays were over faces and taken from a distance so you couldn’t make out a completely clear picture. I came to the point of almost filing a small claims against her for all that happened. Don’t waste your time and money and headache !

  • Would not recommend

    Verified review
    Nicole2 months ago

    I hired Hannah and Christina for our wedding day, and I must say it was the worst mistake I made for our special day. 9/9 was our wedding day in the outer banks. Having two photographers was very important to me so I could document everything. The day of it was unseasonably hot. Hannah showed up by herself, not within an assistant as per our previous discussion. She was everywhere taking tons of pictures ! During the reception, I asked her to make sure she took pictures of our table guests, and she stated that she did I even went outside to take pictures in my dress in the rain and on her camera screen, they came out amazing! 9/9 was wedding day.. on 11/24 I checked in with her to see when they would be ready, her reply was they were being worked on. 11/30, 12/9, 12/18, 12/28, 1/5/24 no response! Text, email and voicemails were not returned. 1/7 Hannah says they are being uploaded which is 20 weeks after. 1/17 I had had enough and sent a lengthy message regarding the need to go to small claims. 1/22 they are now uploading. 1/23 finally finished and they are awful.. I have 0 pictures of anyone especially my Dad walking me down the aisle. 16 total pictures from my wedding ceremony from the other side of the room. Group photos are all washed out and in direct sunlight which almost every picture someone’s eyes are closed. No pictures of my tables like she said and none of me dancing in the rain.. I did however get 58 pictures of my dj! And my pictures are labeled someone else’s wedding. Reached out to her to see if maybe she missed some, computer glitch anything as I know I took certain pictures and yet they are not there and as usual 0 communication.. GHOsTeD!! Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere!

  • Disappointed

    Verified review
    Victoria Bean2 months ago

    I have so much I want to say about our experience with Hannah. But, I’ll just say it was what caused the most stress leading up to our wedding day, the day of, and after. We regret hiring Hannah and that disappointing because of all the great reviews she had. But, for some reason she really dropped the ball with us and failed to accept any responsibility for it or show any empathy or compassion. All the photos in direct sunlight are overexposed, which is all our family photos and more. I wanted photos in the shade after our ceremony but she said where we were (direct sunlight) that the lighting was good there and she kept us there doing all our family photos until the heat became too much and I moved everyone to the shade. Our ceremony photos are also all from far away, which is apparently her “style”, you can’t see facial expressions (what bride doesn’t want a reaction photos of her husband seeing her for the first time?!) I know we had a more intimate and non traditional wedding, and that’s the only reason I can think of that she would show up unprepared and “winging it”. From her bringing a camera she didn’t even know how to use to her asking me over and over if there was any other poses I wanted. I sent a Pinterest board, per her request months before our wedding that she said she just looked at the morning of our wedding. Asking me “anything else” just about after every photo was overwhelming and exhausting, something a bride should not have to even think about on her wedding day. That’s why we hired a professional. I could keep going about this terrible experience but I’ll just leave some of the photos from our album for you to see. She was supposed to re-edit them but she is now ghosting me and I haven’t heard from her since December. I never ask for money back but she should seriously be trying to right her wrong and she isn’t. From the reviews it seems that if you have a traditional extravagant wedding you get a different version of Hannah than we did our on wedding day. Which is saddening because no matter how big or small, your wedding day is important. She failed to make ours feel like it was. We weren’t in good hands with Hannah and now I have a wedding album that gives me anxiety and heartache to even look at. That’s what we got for 1500.