How do I turn off email and push notifications?

We understand planning a wedding means you get a LOT of notifications! Take control of your inbox and your smart phone by adjusting your Zola settings in a few easy steps.

To adjust email notifications on desktop

Head over to your Email Preferences in Account Settings. Click on the radio box next to each of the notification types to turn on or off that setting. Then press Save Changes and you're all set!

Remember: If you turn off Gift Alerts you will not see when gifts are purchased or the status of a gift changes. This can be super helpful leading up to a wedding shower or the big day.

To enable push notifications within the Zola app

Click on the person icon at the top of the screen. Then click Enable Push Notifications under Account Details. Follow the screen prompts to your device settings and toggle on Allow Notifications for the Zola app.

To disable push notifications for iOS devices

Click Settings > Notifications > Zola > Toggle off Allow Notifications

Still having trouble? Send us a note and we'd be happy to walk you through it.

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