How do we use our 20% post-wedding discount?

We are proud to offer our couples a 20% post-wedding completion discount! You won't find better. We'll automatically apply 20% off at checkout for remaining Zola gifts on your registry for six months after your big day. You can read our complete wedding completion discount terms and conditions here.


Just add a gift from your registry to your cart, and you'll see the discount applied there. The discount is automatically applied to all eligible merchandise. Keep in mind, you can use the discount as many times as you want throughout those six months following your wedding day.


Not seeing the discount applying to your cart? Try these tips:

  1. Make sure that you are eligible for the discount based on the terms linked above!
  2. Double check that you have no other promo codes already added to your cart - those will cancel out your Completion Discount.
  3. Check the list of exclusions listed in our terms and conditions - some items are not eligible for the discount.

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Questions in this section