Why can't one of my guests RSVP?

Oh no! We want guests to be able to RSVP without any trouble on your wedding website, but we know sometimes problems happen. Keep in mind, guests can only RSVP if they are 1) on your guest list AND 2) marked as "Definitely Invited" to at least one event!

Here's a few other troubleshooting steps we suggest:

- All guests must have a first and last name on the guest list - including children - in order to submit an RSVP. The RSVP form will not go through if there is a missing name, so make sure your guests are filling in any required fields.

- Guests must enter their name as it appears in your guest list, if they are using a nickname or if there's a typo in their name in your guest list, they may get an error when searching their name.

- Guests should only search one name at a time in the RSVP page search bar, trying to search multiple names at once will yield an error.

- Make sure your RSVP page is visible on your wedding website. If its not, don't worry this is an easy fix! Just go to your Manage Website and select, “Make RSVP page Visible.”

- Another tip is to head over to your website and try pulling up that guest's RSVP form on your end as the guest. More often than not, small user errors prevent the RSVP form from loading properly. It could be as simple as a guest typing in their name incorrectly. If they do this several times, they will be temporarily locked out of the RSVP page. No worries! They will be able to try again in 15-20 minutes or can reach out to our support for some help submitting their RSVP over the phone.

If none of these steps resolves the issue, please reach out to support@zola.com with a list of guest names who are having trouble submitting their RSVPs. If you can, it would also be helpful to know what device and browser they are using to submit their RSVP. Screenshots of the error are encouraged as well!

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