How do I set up my wedding checklist?

To build your wedding checklist, we start by asking you a few questions related to your wedding. You can edit any of your answers at any time once you've gone through the initial set of questions through the Checklist Settings:screen_shot_2022-04-21_at_12.17.07_pm.png

This is how we build your checklist:

  • We take your wedding date and work about 12 months backwards from there. We also know that all weddings are different, so you can change the due date of any of your tasks if our timeline isn't perfect. (Just use the pencil icon to change your due date!) screen_shot_2022-04-21_at_12.18.41_pm.png


  • Then, we ask you if you'd like a lot of guidance or a little guidance. In other words, we have two versions of our checklist—one with every detail, and one with just the essentials—and you can decide which version to see. And you can always change your mind if you'd like and we'll update your checklist accordingly.
  • After that, we ask if most of your guests are traveling to your wedding to help us determine when you need to book hotel rooms and send out your save the dates.
  • Did you know that over 40% of couples married in the US in 2010 were interfaith? That's why we ask if you're incorporating any cultural or religious traditions into your ceremony. Sometimes it's these additions that make a wedding truly yours, but so often we forget to prepare for them. Feel free to add as many traditions as you want from our list of options. If you select "Other," let us know what you add, so we can help future couples.

Once you see the checklist we've built for you, you can customize it even more by editing, removing or adding tasks.

Don't forget to schedule deadlines and reminders. If you have the app, we'll send you a push notification to let you know when something needs to get done!

Note: Right now we don't have a way to reset the checklist from scratch, but you can always go back and uncheck a task if you need to restart it! Those completed tasks will drop down to the bottom of the checklist, and you can find them there.

Questions in this section

Questions in this section