June 3, 2022
Lynchburg, VA

Trenton & Mariah

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our friends and family that will be a part of the wedding.

BJ Adigun

Father of the Bride

Mariah's bestie. Their relationship is more than special. They've been inseparable from the start. He's the best kind of friend with the most contagious smile and big ol' heart. He's the kind of guy you do mediocre house projects with because why hire a professional?! Mariah cries every time she thinks about how awesome her dad is and she wouldn't be the woman she is today without him.

Erika Adigun

Mother of the Bride

The strongest woman Mariah knows. Literally. She could knock you out with a single right hook. Mariah and her mom have an incredibly unique bond that connects them unlike any other mother-daughter relationship. Mariah's momma is full of faith and the fire of the Holy Spirit, and her compassionate heart and faithfulness has blessed Mariah beyond measure and will continue to bless generations after.

Paul Bernard

Father of the Groom

Trenton's dad! All I need tell you is that he's a pastor and a therapist and you'll know that he's the most down-to-earth and jolly guy. Everyone feels at home once you start talking to Paul. But he claims that his hair used to look exactly like Trenton's when he was younger, which doesn't make Trenton feel good.

Melanie Bernard

Mother of the Groom

Trenton's mom! Melanie is what we like to call "Supermom". Always has everything under control and always makes everyone feel so loved and valued. This wedding wouldn't have happened without her. Trenton didn't realize how much of a mama's boy he was until the whole family moved to Lynchburg and he now gets to see her a lot more often.

Paul Rischer

Officiant / Grandfather of the Groom

Meet Papa, Trenton's grandpa. He's been a pastor for 51 years, baptized Trenton when he was in middle school, and is now marrying Trenton and Mariah. This is special. We all cried at the dinner table when Trenton asked him to officiate.

Hope Adigun

Maid of Honor

Mariah's gal pal, cheerleader, sparring partner, dance buddy, confidant, and now we're adding Maid of Honor to the list. She is the most loyal friend and you can count on her to show up for you. Her tender heart will make you melt and her odd humor will send you rolling on the floor. She rocks and there's no one else Mariah would rather have as a sister.

Cayden Bernard

Best Man

Trenton's only brother and best man. Trenton punched out his first lost tooth, they grew up playing music and leading worship together, they had a rebellious pastor's kid phase together, and now that he just moved to Lynchburg, they get to hang out again like old times.

Victoria McCoy


Victoria aka Veronica, Vic, Vicky, Vivian, Valerie, or Vanessa! Victoria is an old friend that isn't an old friend. Since Freshman year, their friendship has been legendary and transformational for Mariah. Victoria will make you feel like you're the greatest thing since sliced bread on your best and your absolute worst day. She loves hard and forgives always. SHE is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Isabel Cordero


Bella is Mariah's soul sister. During Mariah's 6 weeks of vocal rest, Bella learned Mariah and Mariah learned Bella without words; a language of love only the two of them could understand. Bella is a massive blessing to all that know her and she will be forever dear to Mariah. And don't be fooled; as deep and intimate as all of that sounded, they think "your mom" jokes are funny. The perfect balance!

Victoria Rensel


Rensel is an unlikely friend. Mariah likes to selfishly think that God flew her all the way from Norway just to be in Mariah's life. Rens is Mariah's wiser conscience; she's rational in her thinking and has incredible perspective. She makes people feel safe. Rensel is pure in heart and has a hilarious sense of humor. Mariah didn't know that she needed someone like Rensel until she came out of absolutely nowhere and rocked her world.

Ashtyn Bernard


Trenton's little sister. She is so excited to play the role of "bridesmaid" in this production. She has also been featured in the Thomas Road Baptist Church student band and Liberty Christian Academy chapel band as "girl with guitar". Go bulldogs.

Rylan Bernard


Trenton's other little sister. Copy + paste what was written about Ashtyn except she doesn't play guitar. She plays volleyball. Go bulldogs.

Victoria Villanueva


Vic Vil came came into Mariah's life a little later in the game but the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Vic Vil has become Mariah's life coach in the past year physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Vic Vil will set you straight and tell you like it is. Just about everything that flows from this woman is from heaven. She'll make you laugh, she'll make you cry (in a good way) and she'll push you forward. P.s. if you see her and she looks lost, she's probably deep in thought or just talkin' to Jesus.

Eli Himaya


No one understands Trenton like Eli. He became his best friend FAST. I guess that's what happens when you move in together and hang out every day. Now him and Trenton are doing Real Estate together and he's convinced they'll vacation together for the rest of their lives.

Joe Bucci


For both Trenton and Mariah, Joe is the closest thing to family that's not actual family. Trenton and Joe fight and love like brothers. Mariah and Joe are both an Enneagram 4. From New York to Ohio to New Mexico to Southern California, we've gone on so many fun and ministry-related trips together.

Josh VanderLugt


Josh Vandy is Trenton's biggest encourager. The most solid, Christlike man of God that could have stumbled into his life. He's not only a crazy fun friend, but an example. They were roommates for a year before Josh moved out to live with his new wife. Lame.

Josh McDaniel


This Josh also lived with Trenton for a year and ALSO moved out at the same time to live with HIS new wife. Double lame. Kidding. Josh McDaniel is someone that Trenton can ask any kind of question and know that he'll receive biblical wisdom in return. There's also a crazy side to Josh that helps every person in the room have a good time. We need those types of people.

Tanner Myatt


When thinking about Tanner, one thing comes to mind: crackhead energy. Tanner is Trenton's most spontaneous and fun friend. Since high school, he's always been down for an adventure. Stay savage, right Tanner?

Nathan Underwood


No one gets the analytical and logical side of Trenton's brain like Nathan does. They became friends when Trenton was his high school's junior class and then school president and they planned all the school events together. Then they became inseparable and the rest is history.

Daniel MacDonald


Daniel is one of the most kind and loyal friends Trenton has ever had. Truly. Their friendship dates all the way back to high school theater. Some of y'all didn't know Trenton had a background in theater, did you? lol. Daniel will be a friend for life.

Joseph O'Brien


Trenton has had more theological debates with Joseph than anyone else on the planet. You’d think that would do some damage but alas! Besties! Also, you won't be disappointed if you do a quick search for him on Spotify or Apple Music.

Jackson Davis


Trenton's roommate, McDonald's drive-thru buddy, man crush, and favorite worship leader. They're attached at the hip when traveling with the Liberty Worship Collective and can't even count how many late nights they've shared talking or going on dumb adventures.

Reese Ramsay

Flower Girl

Morgan Ramsay

Ring Girl

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