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    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends who are walking down the aisle with us. Did someone say Wedding Partaaaaaaay?

Matthew Parsons


Matt is excited to celebrate with friends and family! He is happy to marry Lindsey and have someone to enjoy life with in the great outdoors. While living together, he has helped teach her how to cook, and they often sit outside when the weather is nice to use the Pit Boss.

Lindsey Levino


Anyone who knows her can vouch for the fact that she doesn't multitask. While teaching Senior English at Pickerington Central, she also juggled finishing her master's program, house hunting with Matt, and planning for the wedding. It was all worth it to make it to the big day. She can't wait to celebrate and dance (oh, and marry her best friend)!

Becky Reichard Parsons

Mother of the Groom

Matt's always kept his mother on her toes, like when he was little and rode his tricycle to the nearby park without telling her or when he would show up with dogs at their house in Tennessee. Just like she's always been there for him, he vows to always be there for her. He's happy to have her by his side and still plans on raiding her freezer.

Rene Levino

Father of the Bride

From working on cars together in the driveway to blasting oldies on the long drives into PA, Lindsey has always been a daddy's girl. One of her fondest memories is when Rene would drive them to/from PA and blast Michael McDonald's Sweet Freedom, Billy Ocean's Caribbean Queen, Dire Straits Money For Nothing or some Supertramp on the cassette player. They would (and still do) sing these songs at the top of their lungs. These two share the same sense of humor and Italian habits. Lindsey will try her best not to cry during their special dance.

Evelyn Levino

Mother of the Bride

The strong woman who raised two strong women. She is Lindsey's role model, therapist, financial advisor, and motivator. From cheering Lindsey on at field hockey games with a cowbell to reading endless revisions of her thesis novel, Evelyn has always been Lindsey's biggest supporter. Lindsey doesn't have words for what it means to have her there on the big day and hopes Evelyn really does wear those white crocs to bust some dance moves!

Rick Simmons

Best Man

Best friend of the Groom since 7th grade! Rick was Matt's first friend when he moved to Ohio, and one of his fondest memories is when they went cliff jumping. Matt didn't want to jump since he doesn't like heights but Rick encouraged him to do it. Rick has been a constant in Matt's life and he couldn't imagine this big day without him! Fun fact, the venue is the same one Rick and his lovely wife Jordan got married at but this time Matt gets to be more than a groomsman.

Jesse Levino

Maid of Honor

Sister of the Bride. Lindsey remembers when her parents were at the hospital to deliver her new sibling, and all she kept praying for was a little sister. Despite the multiple (and probably deserved) bite wounds, screaming matches (sorry, Dad), and differences, they have become close best friends. Even though it took Lindsey moving out for college for them to get along, they now teach in the same high school one door down from one another, and couldn't be happier about it! Lindsey is so thankful to have her sister by her side on this big day.

Mike Amend


From friends to roommates, Matt and Mike have had many adventures together! When Mike got out of the Navy, Matt flew out to San Diego, and they did a cross country trip that involved a bar crawl with Mike's Navy buddies, and traveling all the way back to Dublin. These two have many comical stories, like almost getting kicked out of a taxi cab for wrestling in the back seat. Matt is excited to have Mike present for this next chapter.

Jessica Piechocki


Best friend of the Bride for over 13 years- with a matching tattoo to prove it! Lindsey is grateful to have such an amazing bestie with whom she has gone through many different stages of life. From staying out late on a school night (sometimes resulting in missing the next day) to spending five days in Vegas as thirty-year-olds, these two have had some amazing (and wild) adventures, and Lindsey couldn't imagine the start of this new adventure without Jessica present.

Brian Patridge


From riding to smoking meats on their smokers, Matt and Brian have a strong bond. One of Matt's fondest memories with Brian is Matt's first time ever going on a riding trip when they went to Wayne National Forest. On their first day there, they got about 100 yards in and Brian wrecked, which resulted in being rushed to Urgent Care for his finger. Many memories were made riding together after that at other trails, like Brian's family track, and Dunk-a-roos were a tradition. These two have shared some life milestones, like being in each other's weddings.

Brianna Patridge


Having started dating around the same time, Brian, Brianna, Matt, and Lindsey quickly became a close group. Lindsey valued Brianna's friendship from the beginning, and they have had many milestones together ever since. Today wouldn't be complete without her. One of Lindsey's fondest memories is when they all four booked a cabin in Hocking Hills, and they played cornhole for hours.

Robbie Robison


Like brothers, Matt and Robbie have been constants through many of life's ups and downs. One of Matt's fondest memories is when they went to Rush Off Road. Matt rode his quad while Robbie rode his dune buggy. While coming around a turn, a dude riding on a dirt bike crashed into Robbie, and his foot peg went into Robbie's tire. This caused it to go flat, which is now an ongoing joke. They also went down South to go riding. Another fond memory is how Matt likes to joke that Robbie can't tie knots due to a mattress incident, and Matt won't ever let him live it down. Robbie is like part of the family, even living with them for awhile (he calls Matt's mother Miss Becky with deep love).

Mackenzie Schroeder


From friends to gym partners, Lindsey couldn't imagine this day without Mackenzie present. Mackenzie quickly became a close friend and has even helped with some of the crucial planning pieces for the big day! Fun fact, Mackenzie did Lindsey's hair for the engagement pictures. One of Lindsey's fondest memories with Mackenzie is dancing during New Years Eve of 2022.

Josh Sharp


Friends since after high school, Matt has many fond memories with Josh including being in his wedding, and driving down Outer Banks in trucks after a hurricane. They drove through flooded-out areas and Matt drove through a puddle that was deeper than he thought. Josh and Matt have had some wild adventures, so he's happy to have Josh present for this one.

Sheena Russell


Friends with the Bride for over 12 years! What started as a comical beginning to this long friendship has blossomed into a lasting support system. Through many ups and downs, these two ladies have remained constants for each other, and Lindsey is so happy to have Sheena by her side! Some of Lindsey's fondest memories with Sheena include seeing Piff and Iliza at the Funny Bone.

Shun Sato


Shun has been present for many important milestones and Matt's glad he is part of this big day! These long-time friends have had many fun nights out and chill nights hanging out at each other's homes. From grilling out to a road trip for motorcycle parts, these two have a comical friendship.

Ry Kilfian


Friends since high school, Matt is grateful to have Ry present for this big day. From riding around in her white RSX to Matt sleeping in her grandma's driveway, Matt and Ry have had some wild times. One fond memory Matt has is getting his beloved black lab Maggie from Ry. Ry was one of Matt's friends that Lindsey met first. She has always been so welcoming, kind and sweet to Lindsey. Ry even helped Matt with the hookup on Lindsey's engagement ring!

Robert Levino

Special Role

Brother of the Bride. One of Lindsey's fondest memories is when Rob took her to the first Rock on the Range as a birthday gift. It was the first major concert Lindsey had ever been to. They rocked out and Rob protected Lindsey from all of the crazy crowd-surfers. Rob always has fun ways of celebrating his sisters, and concerts is a favorite. They went to many more Rock on the Ranges together as a traditional sibling event. Lindsey is glad Rob will be present to help this party rock!

Kelly Parsons

Special Role

Sister of the Groom. Moving from Florida to Tennessee, and then to Ohio, these siblings have always been a constant in each other's lives. These sarcastic siblings keep it real, and Lindsey is excited to have another sassy sister. Despite their saucy banter, Matt and Kelly always have each other's backs. Matt is happy to have his sister present on this big day!

Kevin Koske


Lindsey credits Kevin with helping her find her faith, and she couldn't imagine anyone else being her officiant. He has been her youth group leader, mentor and pastor. From the car club to Church in the Mall, Kevin became a close family friend and has been present through many of Lindsey's different chapters in life, so it's only fitting that he be a part of the beginning of this big one!

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