Matthew & Lindsey

Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Matthew Parsons


Lindsey Levino


June 1, 2024

Glenmont, OH

How We Met

April 2019

We matched on Bumble, and Matt drove all the way out to Pickerington from Dublin for our first date at Buffalo Wild Wings. Dinner was followed by a few drinks at Robeys. At the end of the night, he asked if I wanted a kiss since he still had a cold (he almost canceled the date). I risked it, we kissed, and here we are! Without that app, we would have never crossed paths. There will be subtle hints to Bumble (bees) at the wedding.

Lions & Tigers & Diamonds, Oh My!

February 18, 2023

I probably ruined some of the opportunities Matt had hoped to propose, and almost the moment he did... On a random Wednesday, Matt told me not to plan anything for that upcoming Saturday saying, "We're going to do something active. I don't know what yet, but don't make plans." I suggested the zoo since I hadn't been in a few years, and he said that sounded like a plan. That Saturday, we met Rick, Jordan, and Weston at the zoo. Matt originally told me they could only stay for a half hour, so I almost considered canceling, especially since it was only 42 degrees out and windy. On our way to the zoo, Matt suggested stopping at the overlook behind The Bogey on our way home. This will become important later... Despite the brisk cold, it was such a fun time, and I loved looking at all the animals. We spent a few hours walking around as a group and then left. Like he had suggested earlier, we pulled off to the nature area behind The Bogey. We walked the upper area and looked at the falls. We took some selfies, and then he suggested we walk down to the bottom to get closer. I told him I had to use the restroom (REALLY badly), but he was adamant about walking down the path. We got to the top of the steep path, and I paused. I had to use the restroom so badly and didn't want to have to hoof it back up the super steep path. I sucked it up and followed him down towards the falls. It was fairly vacant, and Matt tried to find a spot to set his phone to take a picture. Luckily, a man in camo waders was walking down the path, and Matt went over to him to ask him to take our picture. As I got ready to pose for our picture, Matt pulled out the black box and got down on one knee. I was in a complete state of shock that I only heard him say my name and had to remind myself to speak and say yes! The rest of the moment is a blur. I remember my hands shaking, walking up the path glad I didn't pee myself, and having to wear the ring on my pinky since my fingers were frozen cold from the weather. We went back home for a quick restroom break, and Matt suggested we go to Revelry. I told him I wanted to call my parents but he said I should wait since Mackenzie and TJ were waiting for us. When we got to Revelry, Matt told me to go ahead and head inside, so I did. To my surprise, I heard my name shouted and saw many of my loved ones waiting. Again, I was in shock and speechless. I cried when I saw my parents. Throughout the evening, I was told of how Matt planned the whole day, how he went to my parent's house to ask for my hand, and was so touched by it all. Both of our families came together to help with the engagement party, and it was an evening that I will forever cherish. Looking back now, there were some clues that I should have picked up on- Matt was down for taking lots of pictures at the zoo, Jordan asked me as soon as we saw them what my favorite animal was (probably for the spot/picture), I told Jordan her phone's light was on while we were in the aquarium (she was filming since she thought he would do it there), and Matt kept wanting to take pictures in front of 'boring' spots like the bird aviary without any birds, the plain pond, etc.. Come to find out, Matt was nervous at the zoo and didn't want to do it in front of random people, which is why he picked empty spots for pictures or wanted to wait to take a pic until people had passed completely (like at the jaguar viewing where I said we had time for a quick pic before the approaching family got to us and didn't want to wait until they passed- sorry, babe). Matt thought I had suspicions of what was going on that day, but I was totally surprised! Even though the proposal didn't go as he had originally planned, and I probably ruined some of his attempts, it was perfect (even with the fisherman in the camo waders).

We're excited to celebrate this next chapter with you!

Let's party! #PartyLikeAParsons


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