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March 9

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How We Met

March 9, 2018

On our wedding day, it will have been 5 years to the day since the night we met in downtown Wendell - and it was a night we both reminisce about often - not just because it reminds us of some incredible Indian food, but it’s the beginning of our love story. Our story. It all started during Kellen’s time working at the Indian restaurant Everest in the town of Wendell, NC. Kellen had a little joke going on with regulars Jim and Anna, who were close friends of Hunter, that she was in the witness protection program. One night, Jim convinced a reluctant Hunter to come out downtown to meet “Wit Pro” and blow off some steam. Jim bounced back and forth between Everest and the wine bar next door, but Hunter, being a “mild” sports fan (ha!) stayed at Everest because March madness was on and he wanted to keep a low profile while having a beer in the town where he taught. He was always careful about avoiding running into his students or their parents while out having a drink. That night, Kellen carded Hunter because she thought he looked about 20 (his hat had her fooled!), despite the fact he was nearing 37! The first thing she remembers him saying to her after being carded was that he was “trying to place her accent” which, being from California and never hearing of a CA accent, was one of the weirdest things she had ever been asked while bartending. They struck up a conversation, where it can be assumed Kellen played up how much she loved sports and Hunter played down how much he loved sports... And this is where they aren’t sure how it happened, but amidst some lively encounters with heated patrons, and Hunter calming situations down, Kellen ended up giving the calm-headed, situation calming, knight in shining armor Hunter her number. She knew he was different and decided to take a chance. Then, the next day, Kellen was doing homework at Oak City Brewing and had some trouble focusing (something about this cute guy she met the night before...) when she got that first text from Hunter to come to Jim’s. She already had one foot out the door, and the rest is history! Hunter told Kellen he was going to marry her 10 days later…and here they are :) And now we see something no one thought we’d ever see in a million years see - a Kellen not only in sports fan gear in general, but pictures and videos of her right alongside Hunter cheering passionately for NC State throughout the year. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and we are so excited to celebrate this next chapter of our lives with you all! (This was written by Karla, and we love it so much)

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