Leah & Jacob

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Jacob Weimann


Leah Day

July 8, 2023

Ashford, Washington
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Why We Chose Washington

Jacob and Leah are currently living in Florida and Colorado, respectively. So why did we choose Washington to get married? We love the outdoors, and the forests and mountains of Washington have given us a place to enjoy and explore. We've both had our own individual adventures in exploring the area on our own as well as the chance to do it together! We hope that you'll enjoy Washington and be able to see why we love it so much!

How We Met


Jacob and Leah met over a decade ago when they both lived in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, during high school. Their attempts at friendship and young love were foiled when Leah’s family moved away her junior year. They fell out of touch until 2020, when they reconnected over Instagram (it was Leah who slid into Jacob’s DMs). Despite their geographical distance, Leah and Jacob rekindled their relationship and moved in together in Colorado. In addition to capturing Leah’s heart, Jacob also captured the friendship and adoration of her daughter, Ellie.

How He Proposed

Leah spent months training for her marathon with the encouragement and support of Jacob. Despite the fact that he was working in Florida at the time, Jacob flew back to Colorado to support Leah at her race. He and Ellie waited patiently at the finish line. Leah was sweaty and tired after finishing the marathon, but Jacob had a trick up his sleeve. He proposed to her with a flower and a note, and she said yes! He then had another surprise for her waiting at home - a pile of books, coffee chocolates, and a flower arrangement.