July 24, 2021

Nina & Erik


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Erik Keefe


Nina Zalenski

July 24


How They Met

Shortly after graduating from college, Nina and Erik decided they wanted to pursue their dreams of working in the ski industry and living in the Rocky Mountains. Nina moved from Ohio to Colorado in June 2015, and worked as a manager at the main ski, snowboard and mountain bike shop in Keystone. In the fall of that year, Erik arrived from Massachusetts, and joined the shop staff where Nina worked. They shared a love for the same things: biking, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, camping…so of course they became fast friends. Soon, Erik developed a crush on Nina, but she did not want to pursue anything other than friendship because she was his boss! After lots of outings and fun times together, Erik left Keystone Sports the next spring to work at the Dillon Marina. Erik took Nina out boating, and even taught her how to sail. It was during this time that Nina realized she had a crush on Erik too! Finally, during the summer of 2016 and a trip to Steamboat Springs, they both got the courage to tell each other how they felt, and they started dating. During the last four plus years, they’ve experienced tons of adventures together. Erik became a Buckeye fan, they both got jobs in the fields they love, bought their first home together, and decided they are great partners. Their love of the outdoors, and for their friends and their families is key in their hearts and to each other. They can’t wait to “make it official” and have everyone that can, make the trip and enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of the place where they met and call home!

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