Nicolette & Dawson


Nicolette Edwards


Dawson Foster



November 3

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How We Met

First comes school, then love, then school...

A tale as old as time... We met during college in our freshman year dorm room lobby while stressing over pre-calc homework and became good friends and then... 1.5 years later Dawson finally got the nerve to make a move. After several unsuccessful attempts at flirting that Nicolette was too oblivious to recognize, it finally worked.

Why Now?

... then marriage, then more school

Eight years and one three-legged cat later, we are in Dallas (temporarily) and decided this year was the best option if we wanted to take this relationship to the next level and combine Spotify accounts. Oh, and get married. Since we are both in the midst of grad school (and Nicolette will hopefully graduate next year), somehow our lives will get even more precarious and unknowing over the next few years. We have been wanting to do this and celebrate with all of our loved ones in one room - something that never happens since we work, live, and travel all over. Basically, now is the perfect time and we can't wait to celebrate with everyone!