Kelly & Colin



Kelly Carr


Colin Brochtrup

August 3, 2024

Oak Park, IL

They Met on a Dating App

Between the first and second waves of COVID, the world started to open up, and so did Kelly's and Colin's heart.

Kelly was planning her return to Chicago after spending 4 months in Michigan when she decided to log into a dating app. Wanting to meet people as safely as possible, she was hoping to find someone who enjoyed the outdoors, cooking fun meals, and dancing in the living room. After confirming what she DIDN'T want from a relationship, she finally matched with Colin. Colin's love life was going poorly before Kelly. How poorly? He had resorted to speed dating. And the matches in online dating weren't any better for Colin. But when Kelly entered the scene he was immediately hooked by her wit and affability. After two virtual dates where they learned about each other and collaborated on a digital "paint and sip," Kelly and Colin scheduled their first in-person date for a picnic and walk around Chicago's Humboldt Park. They continued laughing and talking around the park, neither wanting to end the date. Eventually, the park closed and the two decided that they wanted to "bubble" with each other. A few weeks later, after a harrowing tandem kayak ride, Kelly agreed to be Colin's girlfriend.