Why is someone who’s already on our guest list requesting access to RSVP?

First, check on your end if you've misspelled their name, or entered in the wrong first name/last name. If your guest is typing in something different from what you entered, they won’t be able to RSVP, and will then request access.


We recommend approving their request to RSVP, so that they get an automated email letting them know that they can now RSVP to your wedding events.


This will create a new record on your guest list, so you will want to delete the old entry from your list to avoid confusion.


Don't want this feature available to your guests? No worries! If you'd rather your guests be directed to work with our support team, or don't want guests to be able to request to be added to your guest list, you can disable this feature from your Privacy Settings here.


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