Don't forget to book your rooms by August 10!
Don't forget to book your rooms by August 10!
September 3, 2022
Hopewell Junction, NY

Rowan & Pedro

    The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party

This awesome weekend would not have happened without the help and support of the wedding party! Get to know them below.

Sophie Epstein

Maid of Honor

You all know the sister of the bride; Rowan’s first & forever best friend. After a good few tumultuous years of teen angst, Rowan and Sophie are tighter than tight. Pedro will attest that Sophie is a fixture on their couch - she has slept there after late night hangs more times than either of them can count! Although they still bicker from time to time, Rowan can’t imagine living more than 20 minutes away from her seester, who is always her first call when she needs to vent or cry (or needs help with anything design-related; she created those beautiful save-the-dates and invitations that led you here!)

Jillian Kaplan

Maid of Honor

Rowan’s mom will tell you that she always thought Jill and Rowan should be friends… obviously, she was right! They have been inseparable since they were 12; Rowan jokes to Pedro that Jillian is her first love. Their adventures have taken them on cross-country road trips, into haunted hotel rooms, and on hikes that were questionably appropriate for their skill-level. They were even camp counselors themselves for many years (shout out Discover Camp)! They will continue to be each other’s adventure buddy, confidante, and bestie for many years to come.

Kristi Agne


Kristi and Rowan began their friendship over instant message at work, from offices in two different cities 800 miles apart! They hit it off immediately, bonding over pop punk and workplace woes. Rowan took an impromptu trip to visit Kristi in Chicago where they went to Warped Tour (Rowan’s first, believe it or not!), and they’ve been friends ever since. Pre-Covid, they were dedicated to a rotating schedule of visiting each other four times a year; Rowan swears 2022 is the year they will get back on track!

Matt Keegan


Matt is Rowan's fellow manager at Rye Grill & Bar, and a close friend of both Rowan and Pedro. It only takes a couple days of alternate schedules for Rowan and Matt to start waxing poetic about missing each other at work, and they frequently call each other when one of them is off. Rowan jokes that she's grateful for the Rye Grill because, aside from her husband (of course!), it brought her and Matt together!

Kelly & Peter Epstein

Mother & Father of the Bride

Maria Pablo & Pedro Lopez

Mother & Father of the Groom

Elizabeth Lopez Pablo

Honor Attendant

Elizabeth is Pedro's only sister stateside. The Lopez brothers would be lost without her!

Itzayana Xixitla Lopez

Flower Girl

Elizabeth's only daughter, princess "Nana" is the lone girl in a family of three brothers and four over-protective uncles. She is a tough cookie and loves to be the center of attention, so get ready to see her strut down the aisle!

Jesus Lopez Pablo


Pedro and Jesus are closest in age out of all the Lopez kids, and lived together when Rowan and Pedro met. Jesus is the head chef of a well-known steakhouse in Greenwich and shares Pedro's passion for restaurants. Fun fact: Rowan quarantined with Pedro and Jesus during lockdown!

Valentin Lopez Pablo


The middle brother! People would frequently confuse Pedro and Valentin when they were little.

Erasmo Lopez Pablo


Erasmo was the first to move to the US when Pedro was only 11 years old. The rest of the brothers eventually followed in his footsteps... so really, without Erasmo, Rowan and Pedro never would have met!

Mario Lopez Pablo


Mario is the oldest of the Lopez-Pablo boys.

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