July 2, 2021
Indianapolis, INDIANA

Thanks to Covid-19, third time's a charm... right?

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Andrea Hayden


Andrea is Peter's eldest sister and mama to little Pete and Sam. As the oldest Andrea has always looked out for Pete. While Andrea's babysitting skills were a contentious issue when Pete was young they have always been close. They've shared many experiences including a visit to Saddam's palace when they were both deployed to Iraq. In fall of 2020 Andrea and her family finally moved from Ohio to Indiana (long overdue). The entire family loves having the Hayden's so much closer, and especially being able to spend more time with them. Zain and Pete were overjoyed when Andrea agreed to serving as the Officiant. Zain is also lucky to have Andrea as a sister and share the same love for all things beauty!

Homa Wahab Draper

Sister of Honor

Homa, AKA Homes, is Zain’s best friend in the entire world, blood sister and second mom. While there may be a difference of 13 years in age between them, they are as close as white on rice. Homa is there to catch Zain at every fall (literally), and is consistent when being Zain’s rock through all the good, bad and in between. Nothing can break the bond between these two sisters. Homa decided to not be MOH because she knows Zain needs her big sis to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, but she is very much included in the wedding party and very dear to Peter and Zain’s heart. Therefore, she earned the “Sister of Honor“ badge and there is no doubt she will live up to the title.

Megan Savka

Maid of Honor I

Megan & Zain met in the 2nd grade at Nora Elementary school. Zain first noticed Meg’s beautiful dress, and her long, very blonde hair in pigtails held tight with scrunchies. In that moment she knew she wanted to be friends with her, and so they were! Their first concert together was in the 5th grade when Homa took them to see Spice Girls. EPIC! From there, Meg and Zain have been to just about every concert ever. They share a love for traveling (don’t ask about that one time in Vegas on the way to Taco Bell), dancing on stages (particularly in Mexico at Coco Bongo), boating out on the lake (when we don’t get the anchor stuck), and nights out with the rest of “the girls”. In the last 24 years, Meg and Zain have created some of their best memories. Rumor has it, these girls aren’t done yet...

Chris McCotter

Best Man I

Chris is as close to a brother as Peter will ever have. These two were inseparable since meeting in High School. Chris remained closest to Peter while he served and never missed a time to catch up when Peter was home. They even traveled Europe for the Rugby World Cup after Peter left the military! No matter what life throws at these two, they deal with it together.

Karen Knue

Maid of Honor II

Karen, or as Mr. Wahab calls her Hyper (she used to devour sugar cubes and bounce off the walls at the Wahab’s...literally) is Zain’s best friend going back to elementary school. Karen was Baby Spice in the group, along with Zain and Hannah. Together, they dressed up in Spice Girls costumes and played “concerts”. If you haven’t seen that one photo of the “Spice Girls”, you’re missing out! You can easily find Karen and Zain stuffing their faces with Mexican food, sharing their love for wine at Cooper’s Hawk, or having a girls night in at home with lots of cheese and wine. Karen is considered very much a part of the Wahab family. No matter how many highs, or how many lows, their friendship has endured one thing never changed. And that’s the love and sisterhood these two share.

Nate Pribbeno

Best Man II

Nate and Peter first tossed insults upon meeting in High School. They were involved in many sports and extracurricular activities. When Peter got home from service, Nate was one of the first people to reach out. They have grown closer while growing into men together.

Hannah Maiorano


Hannah and Zain met in elementary school, as well. They grew up having slumber parties almost every weekend at each others houses. In the summer time Hannah would come to the Wahab’s apartment pool with a GIANT inflatable float (yes, they were those annoying kids) and re-enact that scene from Titanic in the deep end... you know, the scene with enough room for Jack? Anyway, the girls referred to themselves as Rose (Hannah) and Tulip (Zain). You might’ve seen the girls perform in downtown Indianapolis with a band called the Pink Martini’s. They got the name “Teeny Martini’s” and wore neon green boa’s while dancing and singing on stage. 20-some years later, Zain was ecstatic when Hannah asked her to stand by her side as she married the man of her dreams. Now, Hannah is returning the favor!

AJ Francis


AJ and Peter met in high school where they won a Rugby State Championship together. They stayed in touch while Peter was in service but grew closer when Peter returned home. From hitting the range when AJ was training for the department, to sharing a cigar and talking politics, AJ and Peter enjoy the unique friendship they have.

Bethany Coffin


Bethany and Zain were potluck college roommates. Their very first conversation happened when Beth called Zain’s house phone nervously to introduce herself. During that phone call, they got to know each other, and it made Zain feel more comfortable about her roommate she was soon to meet. When they officially met in their Chicago apartment in September of 2006, they instantaneously hit it off! Like two peas in a pod, they shared a love for fashion, beauty, and music. Oh, and food! Can you believe she dropped an entire Costco tub of dessert cream puffs on the floor and tried to salvage them? It was traumatic. Together these girls conquered Chicago, and when their paths split, they always kept in contact and visited each other. No matter what, these two pick up right where they leave off!

Scott Hood


Scott and Peter were good friends throughout high school and got together often when Peter got breaks from the Army. When Peter got home they realized they had both become hippies! Scott has a heart of gold. He and Peter share a generosity that makes them close friends. Our sweet and beloved Scott left us too soon on March 23, 2020. We miss him so dearly and he is still very much a part of our wedding party in mind and spirit. We love you, Scott!

Julia Evans


Julia, or JJ as the Wahab clan calls her, has been a close friend to both Zain and the Wahab family for several years. Julia is the kind of friend who will always be there for you. Like when Mrs. Wahab needs something from the grocery store, or when Homa needs a babysitter, or when Zain needs to vent. Julia is THE social butterfly, and is always down to have a good time. Everyone in Indianapolis knows Julia Evans! Zain and Julia have spent many nights getting dolled up and hitting the town with friends. FUN FACT: Julia was there the night Peter proposed to Zain! She screamed pure excitement, and yes, the next town over could hear her. Zain and Julia’s friendship has remained strong despite all they’ve been through. It was no surprise when Zain asked Julia to stand by her side.

Ryan Draper


Ryan was the first to marry one of the Wahab sisters. As fellow veterans and Indiana Hoosier boys, they immediately got along. Often relying on each others advice to navigate life after the military and accomplish the goals they’ve set, they are happy to call each other brothers now.

Laura Rose Minear


Laura is Pete's older sister (the middle child), and mama to Ava, Gabriella and Bowie. As children Laura was always the instigator constantly advising Pete to do things like ride a refrigerator box down the stairs. They were partners in crime growing up. Now Zain and Pete live just five doors down from Laura and her family. Zain is lucky to have Laura as her sister, neighbor, and wine drinking partner!

Habib Wahab


Habib is Zain’s big bro (and middle child), or as Homa and Zain like to refer to him as “Our Idiot Brother”. Habib and Zain grew up as those siblings who typically fought, but at the end of the day he always had Zain’s back. Like that one time when he went to fight a kid who threw water on Zain. Was she being dramatic? Probably. But he had her back, nonetheless. Or that other time on Halloween when Zain decided to eat a GIANT tootsie roll while hanging upside down off the bed and she choked. Habib to the rescue! Poor guy had half his arm down her throat in a panic to pull it out. Again, he had her back. There is no doubt that Habib will continue to protect his little sister, even after she marries the man who vows to have her back for all of eternity.

Daress McClung


Zain and Daress hit it off when Zain invited her to Mexico in 2017, and thanks to mutual friends, the rest is history! Be prepared to laugh until your stomach hurts when Daress is around. She better not tell you about our “fight” in Vegas! Zain’s best memories with Daress thus far have been on their travels, where they share a love for Flaming Hot Cheetos: THE single most important travel snack. PRO TIP: When you travel with Daress make sure to bring an extra carry on bag. Or you’ll end up helping her look for a faux Louis Vuitton in the airport gift shop to hold her overweight luggage... 20 minutes before your flight departs! In all seriousness Zain is honored to have Daress at her side no matter where they are, but most importantly, as her bridesmaid on this special day!

Kyle Stroman


Kyle and Peter met in High School when Kyle ran Peter over on the rugby field. They share a love of the outdoors and exercise. Kyle’s hobby is good ole fashion BBQ - you can call him the Grill Master. Kyle and Peter spent many July fourths celebrating America with good food and drink.

Natali Harrell


Natali and Zain met in middle school, and have been friends ever since. One of Zain’s best memories of their friendship goes back to when they were about 15 years old. The two of them went to visit Nat’s family in South Bend. It was Natali who inspired Zain to try Long John Silvers for the first time... and that wasn’t her last time! Next, they got their belly buttons pierced together while Nat’s mom might have posed as Zain’s guardian. Zain eventually met the hands of her true guardian, Mrs. Wahab, who saw the piercing by accident. Natali and Zain went on to live together in 2009, and while they had the typical roomie fights, they’re friendship always remained. You can easily find “the girls” Natali, Zain, Megan, Karen, Daress and Julia altogether laughing, dancing and living!

Matthew Hills


Peter and Matt met when they both foolishly decided to ride their Harley Davidson motorcycles from Indianapolis to Dallas, TX (with Zain following behind in her car) to meet up with fellow Rangers. Almost two days, and over 900 miles, later they became good friends. Matt and Peter know it is essential to have a Ranger buddy - especially right here at home in Indiana. As soon as they get together the stories start and the laughter flows.

Ava Rose Cowden

Junior Bridesmaid

Ava, the eldest daughter of Laura and Dan Minear, is Peter’s niece. Ava has a heart of gold, and is so quick to lend a helping hand to just about anyone. She loves hanging out with her friends, going to school, and vacationing with family. Zain has known Ava practically her whole life, but they’ve grown closer ever since Zain and Peter moved next door to Ava and her family. These girls like to listen to music (Billie Eilish on repeat), watch movies, and eat all the food! Give Ava an ICEE and she’ll love you forever. Zain and Peter look forward to creating more memories with Ava, but most importantly, they are grateful they get to watch her grow into the beautiful, kindhearted soul she is.

Cayden Ali Wahab

Junior Groomsman

Cayden, son of Habib Wahab, is Zain’s nephew.. Nephew? More like her little brother. She would babysit him as a baby, but pretty much refused to be the one to change his diaper, so she’d make Karen do it. Cayden and Zain can be found at the movies, shopping, and shopping again (the one trait he inherited from his aunt) and eating overpriced steak dinners. Peter has watched Cayden grow into the young man he is today and is excited that Cayden took an interest in playing Rugby at North Central where Peter won state championships! Both Zain and Pete are so proud of Cayden, and all of his accomplishments!

Peter Hayden

Ring Bearer

Peter aka Little Pete, son of Andrea and Daichi Hayden, is Big Pete’s nephew. Little Pete is known for his obsession with LEGOs and Nerf guns. Do not, again, do not challenge this dude to a Nerf gun war. Seriously, you’ll lose. Little Pete lives in Ohio with his little brother Sam, but when he’s in Indianapolis, he likes to hang out with his Uncle Pete! Of course, you can find them running around outside with Nerf guns too. Little Pete takes his job as Ring Bearer very seriously. Peter and Zain look forward to sharing their special day with him!

Aalia Marie Draper

Flower Girl

Aalia, the daughter of Homa Wahab Draper and Ryan Draper, is Zain’s niece. Aalia is a force to be reckoned with. Do you see that face? She is all ballerina (and pink) everything! Aalia loves to attend her regular ballet classes, and show off her moves any chance she gets. You won’t be able to miss this one on the dance floor! Zain’s favorite memory of their time together was Aalia’s first visit to Florida. It was Aalia’s first time at the beach! And she spent her nights sleeping next to Zain, or as she calls her “Anno” in the sweetest little voice you’ve ever heard.

Gabriella Lynn Minear

Flower Girl

Peter’s youngest niece, and daughter of Laura and Dan Minear, Ella is the sweetest you’ll ever meet! She loves anything My Little Pony, and of course, Disney’s Frozen! Ella has a little brother named Bowie, and a big sister named Ava. Not only are Peter and Zain lucky to have Ella as their niece, they also get to have her as their next door neighbor too! When Ella is at their house, she loves to help Zain make cookies and smoothies! The future Mr. & Mrs. are grateful to have The Minear’s as both family, and neighbors!

Edreis Wahab Draper

Junior Groomsman

Edreis, or “Moosh”, is the son of Homa Wahab Draper and Ryan Draper, and Zain’s nephew. Edreis loves watching YouTube kids, drawing, playing superheroes and fighting with his sister Aalia. 9/10 times you‘ll find this kid in a superhero costume. Spider-Man and Ironman are among his favs. Zain’s favorite memory of their time together was when they explored the Children’s Museum together, and also his first time meeting Woody at Disneyland!

Samuel Hayden

Junior Groomsman

Sam, youngest son of Andrea and Daichi Hayden, is Peter’s nephew. Sam is guaranteed to make you laugh! He has a big imagination, and a big heart too! Sam loves to play, and fight, with his big brother little Pete. Zain and Peter’s favorite recent memory with Sam is when they carved pumpkin’s at their new house just before Halloween. Together, Sam and little Pete are wonderful nephews and both are loved dearly by all!