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Destination: Mar Del Plata, Argentina. It would be our outmost pleasure to share this special day with you. We know it’s a long way from home. But we promise it will be a trip you’ll always remember. We highly recommend to make a trip out of it and visit the amazing places Argentina is know for, aside from Mar del Plata, such as: Buenos Aires (The Paris of South America), Mendoza (The heart of Argentina’s Wine Country), Iguazú Falls (The largest waterfall in the world) and best of all, Patagonia.


Travel Tips

We recommend using Google Flights to ease the booking process (click view to be directed to google flights). Flights to MDQ from BA are only 45 min long and at very affordable rates. The time in Argentina is 2 hours ahead of the time in New York when New York is on standard time. Options to get to MDQ (Mar del Plata) from Atlanta, GA: ATL > BA (EZE) this is a non-stop overnight flight via Delta. Then BA > MDQ (Must book separate flight from BA to MDQ). ATL > MIA > BA this is a connecting overnight flight through MIAMI (short 55 min layover) via American Airlines. Then BA > MDQ (Must book separate flight from BA to MDQ). ATL > MIA / MIA > EZE / EZE > MDQ (Three separate flights). This is the most affordable option. However, these are three separate flights. You must travel to Miami first. Then Miami to EZE becomes much cheaper.

Travel Note

Explore Argentina!

Click 'VIEW' below if you would like to plan to visit other parts of Argentina as well! Be sure to also check out the tab of "Things To Do" for more detailed descriptions of each city we recommend to visit. Transportation in Buenos Aires: The subway and uber are your best friends. Try to avoid taxis as much as possible. They are known to “take you for a ride” and you’ll end up doing more loops and turns than needed to get to where you want to, just so they can charge you more. If needed, take an Uber instead. The Uber app is perfectly functional in Argentina as well. Transportation in Mar del Plata: The events will take place close to each other. And if you're looking to explore Mar del Plata outside of the events, you can do most of it by foot through the neighborhoods, cute bar/restaurant areas and beach walks. To get to the downtown area, an uber is recommended. It is a short 10 min drive.


Sheraton Mar del Plata Hotel

4221 Leandro N. Alem
Mar del Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires B7600, Argentina

This is the Wedding Hotel. Sheraton Mar Del Plata is our top recommendation. Five Star Hotel and Spa, walking distance to the venue (2 blocks exactly, less than a 5 minute walk). There is a block of rooms for all wedding guests. Let us know you would like to stay here and we will send you the link to reserve.

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