October 14, 2023
Pat's Cabin at Mt. Moosilauke, Warren, NH

Bri & Nick's Wedding Weekend

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet the friends & family who were there every step of the way to watch our love grow over the last 5 years.

Allyson Caron


Allyson and Bri met playing softball at Tufts. Allyson was the All-American pitcher and Bri ruined 2 of her perfect games in her career. Luckily, Allyson still wanted to be in the wedding party.

Max Resnick

Best Man

Max and Nick met at Bentley and were roommates for four years following graduation. If living together for that long plus rooting for different football teams didn't tear them apart, nothing will.

Abby Curran


Abby and Bri also played softball at Tufts together, but turns out they had actually met many years prior at a mutual family friend's birthday parties. Abby spent a lot of time third wheeling Bri and Nick on ski trips and hikes over the years. She also threw up all over Bri's air mattress her freshman year, but they've moved past that.

Colby Brown


Colby and Nick met in middle school. They spent a lot of time together on bus rides to various sporting events, but their friendship was really solidified over nights drinking Mountain Dew and playing Halo and Rock Band, like only 15 year old teenagers can.

Colleen Golja


Colleen and Bri met playing field hockey at Tufts. Colleen had very high expectations for friends and so one day when Bri waited for Colleen to run in to her dorm to grab something, the deal was sealed and they have been friends ever since. They even remained friends when Colleen left her entire crockpot of Chicken Noodle Soup in their off-campus fridge for 5 months.

Pat Brown


Pat and Nick also met in middle school, where they spent hours together with Colby, on long bus rides, playing Halo and drinking Mountain Dew. When they got older, Nick would visit Pat (and Colby) in college and every summer would go hiking and camping in Maine.

Lexy Jamison


Bri and Lexy played field hockey at Tufts together. The night that Bri offered to walk home barefoot so Lexy could take off her heels and wear Bri's two-sizes-too-small Uggs to walk home might have been the start of their friendship. But, it was the day that Lexy prevented a goal from being scored by picking up the ball with her hand and chucking it out of bounds (this is very much not allowed), resulting in a penalty stroke, which Bri stopped, that sealed their friendship. Anyone willing to stop a goal with their hands deserved a place in Bri's wedding party.

Evan D'Auteuil


Evan and Nick met at Bentley and spent many weekends in the mountains together once Bri taught Nick to ski. Evan and Nick's share a love of nerdy board games, metal music and craft beer.

Allison Rolfe


Allison and Bri met playing field hockey at Tufts. Allison's freshman year, Bri and some other teammates accidentally locked Allison in the basement of their dorm. Allison was quite mad but opted to stay friends with Bri. After that they spent much of their time playing pranks on their classmates and getting absolutely zero work done together in the library because they were laughing at the same dumb memes.

Andrew Pierce


Andrew and Nick met at Bentley. They don't remember quite how they met, but it was probably while studying hard in the library. After graduating, Nick and Andrew were roommates for a year in Southie with Max. They spent much of their time together trying new restaurants in Boston, cheering for different sports teams and bonding over their love of spicy food and good whiskey.

Chris Keenan

Father of the Bride

If you need to know any of Bri's sports stats at any point in the weekend, this is the guy to ask!

Kathy Kozma

Mother of the Groom

If you want to hear an embarrassing story about Nick, or a recommendation for the best shopping deals in North Conway, this is your woman!

Karen Fitts

Mother of the Bride

If you need help identifying a bird or plant at the venue, this is the woman to ask!

Steve Kozma

Father of the Groom

If you need to be regaled with a story or a witty comment, this is your guy!

Michelle Kozma


Michelle is Nick's older sister as well as the officiant for the wedding ceremony.

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