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Flight options, hotel blocks, and more travel recommendations for our out-of-towner guests! For things to do and add to your trip itinerary, head over to the "Things To Do" tab! Stay tuned for updated list!

House Or Rental

Napa Valley Estate

4020 Big Ranch Road, Napa, CA 94558

The Bartlett's have been so kind to lend their gorgeous Napa Valley Property to our Out of Town Guests to stay at from Tuesday June 4th to Tuesday June 11th. It is approx 30 minutes from the wedding venue. This is the list of people that we know are staying or possibly staying at the estate: Emily and Brandon Le, Josh Wojcinski, Danny Wojcinski, Marrissa Wojcinski, Nathan Hejza, Ryan Ryzda, Brandon Sandman, Karl Mansfield, Gabrielle Rose and McLain Erhard, Evan Lyons & Cecilia Hill, and Derek and Kiana Reinus. If you aren’t staying at the estate, please stop by any day after the wedding at any time! We’d love to see everyone as much as possible! The Bartlett's: THANK YOU SO MUCH

Rental Car

Bryan, Nancy, and some Family Members

Oakland Airport, Oakland, CA

For those staying at the estate and flying in from NY that do not want rental cars that fly in through Oakland Airport ONLY (not SFO); Bryan, Nancy and some family members will do ONE TRIP EACH to the airport to pick up people flying in from NY to take you to a singular location. If you need to travel to a different place than the location we take you to, an Uber would be super easy to get! Seats are extremely limited, so if this interests you, talk to Nancy and Bryan so that we can get you space in one of the family members cars. Please arrive as early as possible, because we will have to do wedding stuff Tuesday night and cannot pick people up later on in the day.


Oakland Airport

Fly in to the Oakland Airport versus SFO. It is closer to the venue and in a safer area. Plus SFO is a nightmare to navigate!

Travel Note

Information about Traveling in California with a Car

Do not leave anything in your cars. They will get broken into in 20 seconds for something as small as a bag of chips.

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