Bryan Wojcinski & Nancy Purtell


We're Getting Married! 06.06.2024

Bryan Wojcinski


Nancy Purtell

June 6, 2024

Vallejo, CA
18 days18 d17 hours17 h57 minutes57 min4 seconds4 s

A Compilation of our Family and Friends Reacting to us Getting Engaged

Our Love Story

02.04.2018 "Will You Be My Girlfriend" ...... 02.04.2023 "Will You Marry Me" ...... 06.06.2024 "I Do"

We first met online in August 2017. We both had the radius on our dating apps set up for 20 miles max, but an app glitch caused us to match up even though we lived 2,659 miles from each other! Once we realized how far apart we lived from one another, we decided to be friends. This was where Nancy was first introduced to Bryan's friends Ryan, and Edwin, Cousin Danny, and Brothers Andrew and Steven. We played video games together and Skyped constantly every minute we could until February 4th 2018 when Bryan asked Nancy to be his girlfriend. We just knew what we had was something special and had to give it an honest try! During the next 3 years of our long distance relationship, there were countless flights to the opposite side of the country, a vacation of a lifetime across Europe, many trips to The Brickyard to get a giant plate of barbecue nachos, tearful goodbyes as one of us left to go back home, so many happy hugs of long-time-no-see in the airport terminals, Bryan turning Nancy into a metalhead, dozens of concerts, being in a music video of Nancy's favorite band Shinedown, etc. etc. We stopped being long distance once Nancy flew to Buffalo in June of 2020 before everything shut down due to The Pandemic. On May 24th 2021 we left Buffalo and drove across country together on the most epic road trip of our lives touring as many national parks as we could to move to California together while Nancy completed her Post-Bachelor's degree education. On January 15th 2022 we got our first place together in California, and the next year after that was pretty uneventful as Nancy was in school until February 4th 2023 when Bryan proposed to Nancy in Disneyland. This was our first trip to Disneyland together. Nancy used to go a lot with her family, but this was Bryans first time! We spent the first couple days in the park enjoying all Disneyland has to offer. It wasn't until the last day, where Bryan proposed on our 5 year dating anniversary and we then got to enjoy the park as future Husband and Wife. calling family and friends to let them know the amazing news! We cannot wait to embark on this new journey as Mr. & Mrs. Bryan and Nancy Wojcinski with our close family and friends.

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