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Gabrielle Cardina


Nolan Metzler


February 24, 2024

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Our Beginning

Summer 2019

Nolan and Gabrielle's love story began in mid-summer of 2019 on a dating app. They matched and chatted a little, with the conversation consisting of a cheesy pick-up line and talk of how Gabrielle was busy searching for her TV remote. Riveting. They never went on a date. Nolan couldn't shake the feeling that Gabrielle was the one for him and couldn't stop thinking about her. He made several attempts to reach out to her, but nothing seemed to work. Fate had other plans for the couple. On September 21st, 2019 (go ahead a cue up Earth Wind & Fire), they found themselves in the same bar in Philadelphia, where they locked eyes from across the room. Nolan knew that this was his chance and called Gabrielle's cell number. "It is you! Come here and let me buy you a drink." Gabrielle came home to her roommates after a night of laughing, dancing & getting to know this new boy, completely convinced that she had fallen in love. Not joking, it was an instant connection. A few days after, Nolan decided to ask Gabrielle on a proper date, but unfortunately, she was the sickest she'd ever been. She was introduced to Nolan's thoughtfulness that day, when a Gopuff order of every sickness remedy AND a universal remote sat on her doorstep. Finally, when Gabrielle was all recovered, they went on their first date. Nolan decided to treat her to a Phillies game, but neither of them paid much attention or knew much about baseball. It didn't matter, they spent the whole game talking and laughing together. Their beginnings were full of Flyer's games (their sport of choice to watch), concerts, date nights to BYOBs, nights out with each other's friends, and going to the movies. But now the pair is completely content to sit on the couch and spend the night in, enjoying each other's company in their shared home (with AMIE, of course 🐶). While their connection was instantly strong, that bond and spark never seemed to let up. They have been inseparable ever since. They have traveled together, laughed, cried and loved each other through everything life has thrown their way.

Our Engagement

November 19, 2022

Three and a half years later; Nolan and Gabrielle have officially meshed with each other's friends and family, moved in together, and even adopted a dog together. After all of these amazing memories and milestones, Nolan knew it was time to take the next step and ask Gabrielle's dad for his blessing in July of 2022 (on the golf course, naturally). On November 19th, Nolan had a surprise in store for Gabrielle as he convinced her they were going for "brunch with friends" and instead stopped at the Barnes Museum's reflection pool. There, in the city where they met, Nolan got down on one knee and proposed. Their best friends Toni and Tyler, who had discreetly hid in the bushes, captured the special moment. Afterwards, Nolan had planned a day-long celebration, starting with a roof-top party with their closest friends, followed by a celebratory gathering at their neighborhood bar, The Mulberry. Now, they are excited to share their love story with all of their friends and family as they take the next step in their journey by getting married.

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