September 3, 2021
Kailua kona, Hi

Meaghan & Josh



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Josh Dawrs


Meaghan Rojas


Kailua kona


September 3


How We Met

February 2015

Josh and Meaghan were both attending different junior colleges when they met. Josh was 20 years old and Meaghan was 18. Meaghan was completing an observation project at the children's center on Josh's campus. Meaghan couldn't find her way to the center and asked Josh, a stranger at that point, for directions. Josh showed her the way and they got to talking. They exchanged social media profiles, and the rest was history...

Our First Date

March 3, 2015

Meaghan and Josh went to IHOP's National Free Pancake Day as their first date. Meaghan hit her face on the car door when trying to close it because she was so nervous. So embarrassing. (we still joke about this) They ordered a stack of pancakes each, and glasses of water. They talked for over two hours in a little booth about their families, their hometowns and their interests. We really had no idea those two young kids would spend the last of their teenage years and beyond, together. We grew up and matured together, all the while our relationship with each other grew and matured as well.

The Proposal

August 3, 2020

After over five years of dating, and talking about marriage, we decided it was time to browse rings. We browsed rings for a few weeks, both in Hawaii and on the mainland, we found a great jeweler in Los Angeles and a ring we both loved. Fast forward a few months, we went on a boat ride to the Captain Cook monument for snorkeling. Meaghan was talking about wanting to get in the water first thing. Josh asked her to wait so we could take a picture together. Meaghan thought it was strange we'd take a picture together since we had been there so many times before, but agreed. Josh tried to distract her by pointing out a dolphin in the water. Meaghan turned away from Josh and looked into the water in confusion. When she turned around, Josh was on one knee and asking Meaghan to marry him. Meaghan was crying and laughing with excitement. We were officially engaged!

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