Martie & Sean


Sean Zumwalt


Martie Mitchell

August 5, 2023

Palmer, AK
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Our Love Story

Thank you, Ellie!

We owe this love story to our friend Ellie…or maybe to Kaladi Brother’s Coffee…or maybe to Heather’s Choice Packaroons. It all started in winter 2019 when Kaladi Brother’s Coffee posted a photo to their Instagram of their favorite model, Sean, taking a bite of a Heather’s Choice Packaroon. Ellie saw this picture of her friend Sean and thought, I MUST INTRODUCE SEAN TO MARTIE. About a month later, Sean and his friends had booked a Public Use Cabin on Crescent Lake. They used snowmachines (or snowmobiles to all you lower 48 folks) to pack out a generator, sound system, canopy, and lights to put on an epic dance party in the middle of nowhere. Ellie invited Martie to this winter camp out/dance party. Upon arrival, the crew began hooky bobbing on their skis behind the snowmachines. Once the sun went down, the dance party commenced. Sean and Martie hit it off immediately and danced the night away. Even after everyone had gone to sleep, they continued dancing and saying “one more song.” After the weekend was over, Martie asked Ellie for Sean's number "to thank him for the invite and to pay him for the cabin." They set up a time for Martie to come to Kaladi Brothers before work one morning. Martie is not a morning person and woke up feeling AWFUL, but she went to Kaladi Brothers anyway because she didn't want to bail on their first "date." Sean brought out paperwork to the table to make it look like he was selling her coffee equipment. They sat and talked for 30 minutes or so before Martie headed to work. Turns out she had the flu and only made it an hour or two before heading home for the rest of the week. Since that weekend and their Kaladi Brother's "date", they have been inseparable. From countless backcountry adventures throughout Alaska, vacations together, karaoke nights lasting until 3 in the morning because they want to continue singing “one more song”, to the moment in Mexico when Sean asked Martie to spend forever with him, they truly love spending every moment together.