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    Musical Lineup

Musical Lineup

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Kevin is a world class professional musician, Lyzz is a passable amateur, and many of our friends and family fit somewhere in between. So, our wedding will be very music-forward! The reception will feature a "supergroup" including Kevin, Lyzz, and YOU! We'll be tapping many of our pro and semi-pro family and friends to do the musical heavy lifting, but we encourage ALL our guests to join in. Whether you "play" the kazoo or you're in a professional symphony; whether you love Béla Fleck or grunge; the point is to have fun together. We'll be publishing a set list in advance if you want to brush up (don't worry, it'll be all crowd-pleasers that you probably already know). We'll also have world-renowned New Orleans style brass band ADMIRAL PHUNK as the closing / headlining act. So no matter what, bring your dancing shoes!

Admiral Phunk

Brass Band (Mainstage Headliner)

New Orleans style brass band, lead by legendary Army Specialist sousaphone-touting hot sauce purveyor Gameboy. Yes, that's really his name.

Frankie and the Pork Rolls

Mainstage Supergroup

(You're in this band whether you realize it or not!)

Schooner Rock

Mainstage Opener

Featuring Broadway superstar Uncle Alan and LeBoeuf family friend / internationally acclaimed songwriter Chip Mergott playing rock'n'roll / blues rock classics.

Traditional Irish Session

Side Stage Opener

A traditional Irish music "session" (or, "trad session," if you're cool) is an informal event where musicians of many skill levels gather and play traditional Irish tunes. Ours will feature Kevin's childhood friend and mandolin superstar Chris Idell, along with other local semi-pro trad musicians. If you know any tunes, you're invited to join in!

Brass Ensemble

Ceremony Performers

Featuring guests from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Nashville Symphony, Dallas Winds, and more.

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