Update: Due to COVID-19, we’ve decided to postpone our wedding. We hope you’ll save our new date — you can RSVP anytime on our site. Wishing you all health and safety, and looking forward to celebrating together!
Update: Due to COVID-19, we’ve decided to postpone our wedding. We hope you’ll save our new date — you can RSVP anytime on our site. Wishing you all health and safety, and looking forward to celebrating together!
August 1, 2020
Cleveland, Ohio

Angela & Tom

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Nicole Ganor

Matron of Honor

Having to share a room with my sister who was 10 years older than me was a dream come true...well, at least it was for me! Back then, Nikki would pretend like she was my mom and I of course wanted to be just like her. Today, we choose to be friends. She has been with me through every stage of life and now will be by my side as my Matron of Honor. Watch out when they play "It Takes Two" during the reception, because she and I will definitely be busting a move.

Phil Kowalski

Best Man

Phil and I met freshman year at Boston College as randomly assigned roommates and it was our shared love of Zoolander and Kanye West that brought us closer together. With countless hours of playing video games, crushing innocent bystander opponents at 2v2 Hoop Fever, and even working together while living together, it's safe to say Phil and I are best friends. Luckily, Phil asked me to be his best man when he got married in August 2018, and I'm so thrilled that he'll be returning the favor.

Theresa LoBue

Maid of Honor

This photo is from one of my favorite nights, and Theresa's, too-- when the Cavs won the NBA Championship in 2016. Theresa has always been a huge fan...of the Cavs and of mine! She models hard work and independence and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is my biggest support and always in my corner. With her big heart and even bigger smile, I am proud to have my sister at my side now and as my Maid of Honor.

PJ Driscoll


Patrick "PJ" Driscoll helped indoctrinate me into the Boston lifestyle. One of the first Boston-based people I befriended at Boston College, he helped expand my knowledge of Boston sports. I've been attending Driscoll family cookouts since 2005, so it’s safe to say I'm an adopted cousin. You would often find PJ and I on a soccer field, winning multiple intramural championships (NBD). One thing PJ would probably tell you about me though is to never bet against me. He learned that the hard way during a trip in Denver, and since he's a stand up guy he paid his debt immediately.

Lindsey Rajan


Lindsey and I went to Padua together but really became close in college at Mount Union. We were roommates for two years in college and remain close to this day. Although I tease her about how far she lives out there in the suburbs with her husband and newborn son, I know if I needed her, Lindsey would be there for me in no time. She has always shown commitment to the people and things she cares about most and luckily I count myself among them.

Dan Russell


Dan and I became good friends sophomore year as roommates at Boston College. Going by "Stan Muscle", Dan is one to always have my back no matter what, and for that I'm thankful. Dan is always down for anything, so much so he once canceled his flight home to Boston from Pittsburgh and instead drove to Cleveland for the weekend, which shows pure friend dedication. When not making bank deals, you'll find Dan on his boat, where his engine works 80% of the time.

Megan Smuckler


From day one of college, Megan and I were destined to be best friends. She ended up being one of the only people on our floor of the McMaster dorm who didn't graduate from Padua High School. And true to form, she was a great sport about it. Megan always rolls with the punches, is quick-witted and the strongest woman I know. In college, she and I co-hosted our own radio show on WRMU and spent countless hours editing and proofreading our school newspaper, The Dynamo. She now lives in Columbus raising her beautiful daughter, Stella, who makes a great addition to our girl gang.

Pat Campbell


Pat and I became friends in high school, but I'd say it was our epic ping pong matches that brought us even closer. Whenever I was home from Boston, Pat would be the first person I contacted to find out what he and all our Cleveland friends were up to. Pat is easily one of the funniest people I know and has one of the strongest loves I've ever seen for Bud Light. So, when you see him at the wedding, get him a Bud Light and definitely admire his Sloppy Swish dance moves all night long.

MaryElizabeth Wolfgang


Liz and I met in college and I admittedly told her she was someone I knew I wanted to be friends with. Liz is one of the kindest most caring people I know. She has always had a knack for seeing the best in others. We were roommates for two years in college and have remained close ever since. She lives in Columbus with her husband and two sons who bring her so much joy. Liz is a St. Patrick's Day enthusiast, but I feel like the lucky one because I get to call her my best friend.

Ryan O'Donnell


As my older brother, it was Ryan's duty to beat me up and humiliate me at every video game and sport we played in our backyard. He succeeded immensely at both, but having that from my older brother also helped to shape my competitive nature. A teacher once yelled at Ryan when he and I were wrestling waiting for our bus. While the teacher saw an 8th grader beating up a kindergartner (what could be wrong with that?), what she missed was the tough love he was just showing me.

Andrea Garcia


Tom and I joke that Drea is the third person in our relationship. She and I have been friends since we were teenagers, but she has also become a close friend to Tom since he moved back to Cleveland. She is the life of the party and is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She actually started planning our wedding before we did and that's why we know she is a vital part of our bridal party!

Tara Corrigan


Tara, my twin sister, has been by my side my entire life, including 9 months in the womb. She even introduced me to Angela in high school, as they went to Padua together, yet I didn't know it then she introduced me to the love of my life. Among the many things we shared in life, our love for candy is second to none. And even though I was in Boston for many of our birthdays, Tara would be the first one to call and wish me a happy birthday.

Pamela Karuzas


Pam is my longest friend. Going on 30 years of friendship, Pam and I met at Sunday School and have been best friends ever since. We graduated from Padua together and spent our first year in college as roommates. Although our lives have taken us in different directions, Pam has always been my most loyal friend. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and now am honored to be the Godmother of her daughter, Louisa. We used to dream of being in each other's weddings as kids, and now that becomes a reality!

Luke O'Donnell

Ring Bearer

The first thing you'll notice about my Godson Luke is his infectious smile and laugh. Luke will easily steal the show anywhere he goes and for that I decided to only give him a small part in the wedding ceremony: the ring bearer. He's experienced at this too, having served the same role for my sister Tara's wedding. This veteran will look dapper and steal hearts at the ceremony, so come prepared.

Stephanie Licata


Stephanie and I have been friends since kindergarten. We grew up a street away from each other and even though our paths took us to different high schools, colleges, and even states, our friendship has only gotten stronger as time has passed. She and I have traveled the country together and I was honored to be her Maid of Honor. Life has come full circle and Steph and her husband J are now raising their daughter and son back in the Cleveland area.

Maddie & Emma Skelly

Flower Girls

Maddie and Emma are the Phil and Tom of sisters. Where one goes you'll always find the other. When I asked them if they would be the flower girls, they requested a piggy back ride and some chippies, so I think that was a fair compromise. Angela and I are excited to have such loving nieces as our flower girls and are excited to see them grow.

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