Claire & Kyle


We're getting married!


Kyle McMillan


Claire Theodorescu

June 1, 2024

Sultan, WA
182 days182 d3 hours3 h17 minutes17 min52 seconds52 s

Our Engagement: January 20th, 2023

How we fell in love

We met on Hinge in August 2020, and after a few weeks of exchanging messages, Kyle (finally) asked Claire on a date. We met-up at a brewery in Greenwood (North Seattle) where Kyle brought along Griffey who was 14 weeks old at the time to try and win Claire over. The date ended with Claire denying Kyle a hug, but to Kyle’s surprise, Claire was interested in going on a second date. Although we had trouble figuring out what to do because of a terrible wildfire preventing any outdoor activity and COVID still lingering preventing any indoor activities, Claire took the risk and went to Kyle’s house! That date, Kyle got a hug and then we knew things were off to a good start. We talked every day until we went on a weekend camping adventure together on Orcas Island where it rained the entire time – Kyle likes to say he fell in love with Claire when she put her feet up on Kyle’s lap as we were waiting for the ferry on the return trip home. The rest is history; we were officially together at the end of October. Very early on, Claire told Kyle that she was going to marry him and his response was “I Know”. Fast forward to one weekend in January 2022, Kyle planned a trip to Chelan with some of our friends. At the final viewpoint of the snowshoeing adventure, Kyle got down on one knee and proposed. Claire was shocked and excited, and we have been celebrating ever since!

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