Kristen + John







September 16, 2023

Camp Mataponi, Naples, ME
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our story

It began as many great loves do... at a bar. It was Fall 2014 and Kristen had spent the day moving in to her Sommerville apartment from California, and well, John was just stopping for a drink on a Tuesday. They got to talking in Saloon in Davis Square, and the rest was history. With John's help, Kristen quickly fell in love with New England and the two spent the next six years in Boston together, full of frequent trips up to Maine, music and fun with friends, and revisiting Saloon just once or twice to cheers their beginnings. In the summer of 2020, Kristen was able to convince John that the west coast wasn't too shabby either. In that first COVID summer, the two moved out to San Francisco. Enjoying all the sunshine and natural beauty, easy ride up to Tahoe, and undoubtedly superior Mexican food, Kristen and John decided to put some roots down and bought a house in Oakland. It was up in Tahoe that John finally popped the question, Kristen of course said yes, and the two are so excited to celebrate their marriage with everyone they hold dear back in New England where it all started!