December 31, 2021
St.lawrence, barbados

Laurie & Jeffrey

    Wedding Party


Jeffrey Randall


Laurie Jones



December 31


Her story

On Saturday October 4th 2014 my best friend Sade and I went to grab a drink at Mother’s in Federal Hill. We haven’t gone out in a while and wanted to enjoy the last bit of warm weather of the season. While conversing at the bar this guy walks up to me (tipsy) inquiring my name and status; shooting his shot. I didn’t pay him much mind, I just told him if he and his cousins are lining up shots, my friend and I would like one too. He was so out of it that he didn’t see me drink his shot and pass another to my sis lol. We chatted for a while and then exchanged info. We texted for months after that and in early spring of 15 I informed him that I had enough “friends” and if he wanted more then he needed to take the initiative to peruse me or walk away, but don’t waste my time. A few months later her was taking me out a few times a week just to prove his interest were sincere. Still not sure if he was someone I wanted to be serious with, (I referred to him as my “pseudo boyfriend”) we casually dated for a year and a half. On vacation in Denver New Years 2017 we became exclusive. In summer 2018 we purchased a home with the intent of furthering our relationship and I informed him that if he wanted me to be his wife, to not make me wait years to get married. On June 7th 2020 Jeffrey and I were hanging out in the back yard with the dogs, grilling our dinner and he casually walked me to the grass and started talking about how far we’ve come in our relationship and how happy we are and what that meant to him. I thought he was leading up to saying something completely ridiculous (let me see them thangs!) as he does to get me to laugh and was instead caught completely off guard when he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I thought the whole thing was a joke and made sure he was for real before saying yes. Unbeknownst to me he was recording the whole thing! It was a wonderful moment complete with our dogs joining in on the proposal.

His story

I was down federal hill with my cousins celebrating one of their birthday's. We all were a little under the influence when we wandered into Mothers Bar. While scanning the bar this little piece of heaven caught my eye. Having the backing of liquid courage I decided to introduce myself, I’m sure I said something really clever but this fact is highly debated. Long story short I GOT DA DIGITS DAWG (shout out to our guy Tommy,) but thats how I met my baby cakes Shawn. From there we talked on and off until 2015 when she finally asked am I wasting her time. That is when I realized I had to atleast start getting myself together if I wanted this women in my life. We finally hung out one day, at her place just something casual and chill. We talked abit about interest and life experiences; this women knew who she was and what she wanted. I was hooked, we finally had a proper date, I took her to the Melting Pot (cheese is the way guys). We started hanging out more, going on dates and trips. We had a real connection, so we moved in and ultimately bought a home together. This was my final girl! I was planning on making this fact known in Thailand but Covid had other plans. With the ring delayed and the trip canceled I had to adapt to the situation before me. I finally got the ring in June 2020, now the only question was how to ask the most important question I’ve ever had to ask in my life. I decided to ask this question in the place we decided to build our lives together. With a little trickey I snuck to her parents to get her fathers blessing and a little doggy bribery (Daddy had a candy in his pocket) I asked for her hand and she YESSS!!!!

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