Aubrey & Justin

She said yes!


Aubrey Hallam


Justin Travis



May 18


Welcome to our wedding website!

We’ve created this website as a resource for all of the need-to-know details in the lead up to our big day. Here you’ll find our schedule of timings and venue directions, along with our bridal party introductions and relationship history. We’d love for you to take a look around to learn more about our wedding day plans. Don’t forget to RSVP and let us know about any dietary preferences, too. And finally, thanks so much for all of your love and support so far! We can’t wait to celebrate this special day with all of our favorite people

How We Met

A friend of a friend kind of thing

The road to our story starts with another wedding. Let's set the scene: Justin is in his last few months of service in the Air Force and visits home to attend the wedding of his best friend, Keith. Keith's mom and aunt approach Justin and tell him about a really nice woman they know (and have been trying to set up with someone for a while now!) The woman is best friends with Keith's cousin, Heather, and she's just so sweet and fun and he should really meet her. Justin is interested, but he's still living in Arizona for another few months, so he doesn't want to reach out immediately. Fast forward a few months: Justin is finally home, has a new job, is in the process of buying a house, and starts thinking about the woman that Keith's mom told him about. He reaches out to Keith's cousin, Heather, and asks for Aubrey's number. Heather (being the amazing friend that she is) says she will give Aubrey his number and she can decide if she wants to get in touch. Aubrey talks with Heather, but is much too nervous to text first. After a few weeks (during which Justin has almost given up on Aubrey) Heather finally gives Aubrey's number to Justin and they've been talking every day since.

The First Date

March 6, 2021

After only about an hour of texting, Justin popped the question...asking Aubrey out on the first date! They planned it all out: Dinner at Dave and Busters followed by games and conversation. The new couple met outside of Polaris Mall and went into the arcade...then immediately walked out. Turns out lots of people think Dave and Buster's on a Saturday is a good idea which led to a one hour wait time. Justin was nervous, he thought the date was ruined, but Aubrey was confident that a change of plans was no big deal. They ended up at California Pizza Kitchen and finally got the change to eat, talk, and see each other's faces without masks. After dinner, they walked around the courtyard and decided to extend the date a little longer by going to Starbucks. They ordered their drinks and sat on Justin's tailgate talking. Neither one wanted the night to end, but before they even said goodnight, they already had a second date planned.

The Proposal

July 3, 2022

When Justin suggested going with both sets of parents to visit Franklin Park Conservatory, it probably should've been a huge hint to Aubrey that something was up. In fact, there were lots of hints that day about what he had in store, but up until the moment it happened, Aubrey was the only one that didn't realize what was going on. After posing for a picture in the Bride's Garden (another very big hint that she didn't pick up on), Justin pulled out a ring and Aubrey immediately said..."No, I don't believe you," then walked away. Not exactly a fairy tale, but after Justin got down on one knee and assured her more than a few times that it was the real deal, the "no" turned into a "yes".