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June 17, 2023

Johnstown, PA
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The Meet Cute

The ole "networking over coffee" story, you know the one.

You know, the one where you meet at a regional defense industry networking event (in this case, Showcase for Commerce), and you exchange business cards after a nice chat-- the one where you don't even *live or work* in Johnstown, but you drew the short stick to staff your organization's booth that one fine May morning, and lo and behold, you end up meeting your future husband. A classic! Of course at the time, you're actually thinking, "who is this good looking, overly confident charmer, and what exactly does he want?" But eventually you learn (after "networking further over coffee"), that it's to make a bet with you over who is going to win the NBA Finals that year, and then take you out to dinner an hour away because you won said bet, and he doesn't quite yet realize how well you know your basketball. Tale as old as time.