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September 7, 2024

Detroit, Michigan
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How We Met

MSW Queen and King

It all started at a treatment center in Detroit where I, Barb, was working as a graduate intern. Curt found me working in a freaking closet! Talk about a hilarious and confusing first encounter. Harry Potter vibes? Perhaps... But that moment led to something amazing, especially when he dropped some clinical social work words like "ego-dystonic," I was totally smitten. Who knew therapy words could bring two people together? We became fast friends and realized there was something special between us. But like any great love story, there were ups and downs. Long-distance, moving around, chasing our dreams – we've been through it all! But it only made our bond stronger, and we learned so much about ourselves and each other along the way. After all the twists and turns and years of best friendship, Curt popped the question, and of course, I said YES! We're so grateful for your support and can't wait to celebrate this big day with you all! Love, Barb & Curt

The Proposal

Barb's stubbornness never fails

Deciding to propose wasn’t something I took lightly. I prayed on it, spoke with my best buddies, and even had a chat with a cool priest. With their thumbs-up and blessings, I knew it was time to put a ring on it. I had a secret chat with Cristy, Barb’s sister, and Sofia, her childhood best friend. Those two were in on the master plan. I had to keep things secret, so I just told her to get dressed up for a nice dinner. Classic Barb, she swapped outfits more times than I can count, and her stubborn self settled on shorts and tank top. 😂 Dinner starts, and just when we’re waiting for our food, Barb’s phone lights up with a FaceTime call from her sister, and my phone gets one from Sofia. I got on my knee, and I can still see that look of total shock on her face as she happily yelled, “Shut the eff up!” followed by, “No way, shut the eff up!” The whole restaurant clapped for us, and here we are! Cheers to all of you for being part of our love story and supporting us through thick and thin. I can’t wait to celebrate with you on our big day. Curt (aka the luckiest man alive)

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