Christine & Henry



Henry Stearns


Christine Anderson

December 2, 2023

San Marcos, TX

How We Met


We met in Portland, Oregon, during a snowstorm that shut down the city! For our first date we had planned to get donuts and coffee, but when we arrived at our location it was closed because of all the snow. We decided to head towards downtown Portland and just walk until we found somewhere that was open. Eventually we came across a coffee shop that had hot, spicy chai to keep us warm and we talked there for quite some time. Neither of us wanted this first date to end, so we wandered around the town popping in and out of the few places that were open, enjoying the snowy gleam of the sidewalks and eventually landing at a late-night sushi restaurant that called us in with its cozy atmosphere. We shared several sushi rolls and bonded over our love of sushi, pizza, and tacos. A few days later we had our second date. Henry brought Christine dinner (the only good Mexican food that Portland had to offer) and ended up getting snowed in at her apartment! All the city buses had stopped running and Christine lived on a small mountain, so even Henry's 4Runner couldn't make it out. We agreed that he should wait it out at the apartment until the snow stopped, not knowing that it wouldn't stop for days! We've been stuck together ever since, and have moved together from Portland, to Houston, to DFW. We've had many adventures, laughs, and lots of love in between, and lots more to come.

The Proposal


Though there were many moments when Henry thought of proposing, the moment finally came during a trip to New Mexico. We had originally planned to travel to Albuquerque to visit Henry's family for Thanksgiving, and on a whim (literally on the drive to New Mexico from Texas) decided to book a romantic couples' one-night stay at Ojo Caliente, a natural hot springs and spa in New Mexico. Ojo Caliente holds wonderful memories for us both, with Henry growing up in New Mexico and visiting often throughout his life, and later sharing that with Christine on many family trips to the area. Henry booked a room for two and we spent the day soaking in the mineral pools. He also booked a massage for Christine and a private soak for two by moonlight. Just before the massage and private soak, we were contentedly eating snacks in our room and talking about how lucky we were to share these memories together. Henry went to his suitcase across the room to "grab something," and came back with a beautiful ring, knelt on one knee, and proposed. It was an immediate yes! We popped champagne and spent the rest of the night in the hot springs with the only light coming from a fireplace, the moon, and the stars.

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