April 27, 2019
Malibu, CA

Ben & Carrie


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Ben Smolen


Carrie Cohen



April 27


How We Met

February 14th, 2009

In the spring of her freshman year at Wesleyan University, the senior members of Carrie's improv comedy group Desperate Measures decided to dedicate their Valentine's Day Show to their friend, a junior named Ben Smolen. Desperate Measures closed the show with a game called "Pick Up Line" in which the group members had to try to pick-up Ben using knowledge about him. Carrie was so successful that they started to date 14 months after that. And because their timing is impeccable, it happened to be about six weeks before Ben's graduation. Despite their better judgement, Ben and Carrie decided not to end things just because of tricky logistics, which seems to have turned out pretty well so far! We'll see.

The Proposal

December 10th, 2017

So what's the deal with that crazy Save the Date picture? Well, the night before embarking on Ben's 30th birthday celebration trip to Australia, Carrie arrived home to a dark living room. The coffee table was lined with candles and flowers, and in the center was a photo album filled with photos of Ben and an enormous cardboard cut out of Carrie's head. Since she had frequently complained that they'd taken too few pictures together over the past seven years, Ben went around to special places and took photos with the giant head. Ben and the head visited places like the first house in Los Angeles where they'd lived together, the inn where they'd stayed for Carrie's 21st birthday, and the Hollywood sign. He even recreated their trip to outer space and the time they fought for opposing sides in the Civil War. A simultaneously hilarious and romantic gesture, perfectly matching the tone of their relationship. Ben emerged from the bedroom in a suit and popped the question, to which Carrie replied something along the lines of, "Of course!" Check out the Proposal Photos page where you can see more of the shots!

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