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🏘️Brattleboro, VT🏘️


Located in the heart of the Connecticut River Valley and surrounded by rolling hills and green mountains! https://www.brattleboro.com/

🍎🍏Scott Farm Orchard🍏🍎

🍎🍏 🍏🍎

OUR WEDDING VENUE The Scott Farm dates back to 1791 with a fascinating history from Rudyard Kipling to patented apple shipping crates and buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. This is an ecologically managed heirloom apple oasis, and they also grow plums, blueberries, peaches, pears, quince, nectarines, cherries, grapes, medlars and apricots, paw paw & persimmon. This 571 acre farm has been owned since 1995 by The Landmark Trust USA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve historic properties through creative sustainable uses for public enjoyment and education. At Scott Farm this has meant revitalizing the entire farm operation from orchard to farmhouses to barns. https://www.scottfarmvermont.com/

🪨Stone Trust at Scott Farm🪨


The Stone Trust was created in 2010 with the mission to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. The training center is the only facility in North America that provides year-round dry stone wall instruction for all people of all levels and abilities. When wallers take their Advanced or Master certification tests, they’re required to build several features, such as sloped walls and arches. These features remain and become a permanent part of the park. There are also examples of different walling methods and a great variety of stone. Many of the walls and steps that make up the Stone Wall Park are used for workshops and tests on a regular bases, so they are continually getting dismantled and rebuilt, with varying degrees of skill. Feel free to stop by our Stone Wall Park any time during daylight hours to walk among the walls. You will find many sections of walls built with the features that are included in Advanced and Master Craftsman level tests. https://www.scottfarmvermont.com/the-stone-trust https://thestonetrust.org/

🐯🐺🐍Rudyard Kipling🐯🐺🐍


Rudyard Kipling — who wrote The Jungle Book, among many other classics — lived for four years in the Green Mountain State. The Bombay, India-born writer met and married American Carrie Balestier, from Dummerston, in London in 1892. Charmed by the southern Vermont landscape during a visit to her relatives, the 27-year-old author bought 10 acres in Dummerston from her brother Beatty and built a distinctive house in the American Shingle style that he called Naulakha. He lived there with his family from 1893 to '96. https://landmarktrustusa.org/rudyard-kiplings-naulakha

🥛🐮Vermont Dairy Farms🥛🐮


Dairy farming communities gave rural Vermont its character, which embodied the state motto: “Freedom and Unity.” Small farms worked to create their own destiny, but farmers also bonded together in cooperatives to complete the labor-intensive work of making butter and cheese. Vermont dairy farms have continued to grow in size and shrink in number. Roughly 600 exist today. Check out Brattleboro's own Grafton Village Cheese as well as the Retreat Farm and Petting Zoo! - https://www.graftonvillagecheese.com/ - https://www.retreatfarm.org/farm-forest

⛷️Brattleboro Ski Jump⛷️


A Brattleboro tradition since 1922. The Harris Hill Ski Jumping Competition offers spectators an opportunity to experience the Olympic sport of ski jumping up close in all its breathtaking, heart-stopping glory. This long-standing, two-day Brattleboro tradition is held on an Olympic-size, 90-meter hill. https://harrishillskijump.com https://vtdigger.org/2023/02/19/brattleboros-harris-hill-ski-jump-rises-above-tree-tapping-thaw/

🎹Musical Instruments🎹


The Estey Organ Company of Brattleboro began manufacturing organs in 1846 and over the next century produced more than half a million for the American and international markets. Brattleboro became a focal point of the organ-making industry. Home organs had become popular status symbols across America. The arrival of the railroad industry in the mid-1800s made it possible for Brattleboro organ factories to ship their weighty products seemingly anywhere.

🚑Brattleboro Retreat🚑


The Brattleboro Retreat was established in 1834 and was designed to provide humane care for patients suffering from mental illnesses, and was one of the first ten private psychiatric hospitals in the United States. As with many facilities for mental health during that period, doctors believed fresh air and exercise would help treat ailing patients. The administration established the following "firsts" among psychiatric hospitals in the U.S.: patient-produced newspaper, bowling alley, chapel, theater, gymnasium, recreation fields, patient chorus, book discussion groups, outing club, working hospital dairy farm, patient-managed enterprises, and the first swimming pool at a U.S. psychiatric hospital. https://www.brattlebororetreat.org/info

🐭🚑Brattleboro rat🐭🚑


The Brattleboro rat was an early and naturally occurring precursor of the knockout rat. KNOCKOUT RAT Knockout rats are rats that have a certain gene de-activated to study how it can influence all of the processes in the body. The most efficient knockout rat models focus on a specific disease or feature a particular gene inactivation. That gene will be knocked out in the rat’s genome, while scientists will study the resulting behaviors and disorders as closely as possible. Rats are preferred over mice when it comes to studying diseases like breast cancer and heart disease because their physiology is similar to that of humans. Unfortunately, scientists haven't been able to add or remove genes from rat DNA, so they've usually made do with mice. Rats are also bigger than mice - making them easier to work with - and their physiology and behavior are well understood. This particular rat lineage was used to develop treatments for diabetes, schizophrenia, memory loss, stress reduction, and lung cancer. https://www.genome.gov/about-genomics/fact-sheets/Knockout-Mice-Fact-Sheet https://www.science.org/content/article/knockout-rats https://www.theguardian.com/science/2003/may/22/medicalresearch.science

🚌🐮Brattleboro Moover🐮🚌


Ride Brattleboro public transit with the MOOver with buses painted to resemble Holstein cows!

⛰️Vermont Nickname⛰️

"The Green Mountain State"

Vermont’s name comes from two French words: vert, which means “green,” and mont, which means “mountain.” The nickname honors the Green Mountain Boys, an army first created to protect Vermont’s land from New York, and which was later reconstituted to serve in the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Spanish American War.

🐻🦊Vermont Wildlife🐻🦊


Black bears, moose, white-tailed deer, red foxes, fishers, and martens are among Vermont’s mammals. Barred owls, ospreys, peregrine falcons, ruffed grouse, American robins, and eastern bluebirds are a few of Vermont’s winged residents. Vermont’s reptiles include snapping turtles, common five-lined skinks, and red-bellied snakes, while Jefferson salamanders, American bullfrogs, and mudpuppies (a kind of salamander) are some of the amphibians that hop and skitter throughout the state. Maybe you'll be lucky and see some wildlife (at a good distance)!

🪶Vermont State Bird🪶

Hermit Thrush

https://www.birdwatchingacademy.com/vermont-state-bird/ The upper body of the Hermit Thrush is a rich brown, while they have a slight bit of red on their breasts. It is the tail that is red colored and sets it apart from other Thrushes. However, the most unusual thing about the Vermont official state bird has to be the melancholy sound of the Hermit Thrush.

🌲Vermont Forests🌲


About 78 percent of Vermont’s land is forest, which provides about 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of revenue for the state each year. There is excellent hiking and mountain-biking in the area! Check out some spots on Alltrails (https://www.alltrails.com/us/vermont/brattleboro)

🍁Vermont Maple Syrup🍁


Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, turning out almost two million gallons a year—that’s enough to fill about 40,000 bathtubs! Check out these Brattleboro sugar houses! https://www.coombsfamilyfarms.com/ https://robbfamilyfarm.com/robb-farm-sugar-house/ https://paradisefarmsugarhouse.com

🇺🇸Vermont Statehood🇺🇸


1791 Vermont is the first state after the original 13 colonies!