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September 29, 2024

Tulsa, OK
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How We Met

True love can be found online

A true modern-day love story, we first met online through a Jewish dating app in 2019. Whether it was the cheesy bios or the cute profile pictures, we both knew there was something different happening here and we were both excited, and nervous, to meet in person. Our first date was Chinese food and a movie sitting on the floor of Nina's dorm room, and we've never looked back since. Although we both started our lives in different cities, it's amazing to think about all the events that had to occur to end up with us running into each other. We are both constantly reminded how good it is to know that we finally found our respective "bashert". Not only has our love endured long Uber rides and trips on the "L", but our love has endured a global pandemic that kept us separated for months, study abroad opportunities that had us in drastically different time zones, and countless other twists and turns over the past 5 years.

Engagement Story

8/6/2022 - A Walk in the Garden

On August 6th, 2022, under the guise of a visit to the Philbrook Museum and Gardens in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our love story took another leap. Nina's love for art and flowers is well known by all of her family and friends. So, when Alex heard that there would be a Frida Kahlo exhibit coming to Tulsa that would include both art that Nina enjoys, and a unique assortment of special flowers and plants, the timing couldn't have been better. Alex and Nina, accompanied by family, took an early morning trip to the Philbrook Gardens to avoid the Tulsa summer heat. They started their trip in the gift shop before quickly making way to the beautiful gardens (because how can you go to a museum and NOT get something from the gift shop?!) While walking around the Gardens, Nina decided to venture off on her own to look at some flowers on a bridge above the running water cutting through the center of the Gardens. Alex saw his opportunity, nodded at Rachael (Alex's sister) to get her camera out and made his way to the bridge. "You know, Nina, we came here for more than just the museum today," Alex said as he took Nina's hands into his own. "NO WE DIDN'T," Nina exclaimed as she realized what was happening. Alex got down on one knee to ask Nina to marry him and Nina responded with an emphatic yes and many giggles! They turned around to face their family, now officially an engaged couple, arms around each other and smiles from ear to ear.

For all the days along the way
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