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    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

Liliana Castillo

Maid of Honor

Liliana is the Bride’s youngest sister and her best friend. CeeCee is an important part of the couple’s life and has been a constant support system for the Bride & Groom. She's also Lola's favorite sidekick since since she always has an extra treat for her. Ceecee is always up for live music and somehow always manages to find nearly impossible tickets. Her genuine love for a good party is infectious. When she’s not fulfilling her Maid of Honor duties (or being bossed around by the Bride), you will find her on the dance floor.

Rick Cervantez

Best Man

Rick is the Groom's oldest, childhood friend. Michael and Rick grew up in Del Rio and met during an 8th grade, afternoon band practice. Michael had spilled Big Red all over his white t-shirt and desperately needed a quick ride home to change. Rick was driving as early the 7th grade and had his parent's mini-van with him that afternoon. When Michael approached Rick for a ride home to change clothes knowing he had a vehicle, Rick promptly responded, "what do I look like, a Taxi?" The two have been close friends ever since.

Angie Villarreal


Angie and Alba met while starting their careers in the mortgage industry in Dallas. They were peers in the Escrow Department and may have stashed a jar of Nutella for the stressful days. They loved trying all of the office break room Flavia coffee flavors and would frequently do post-work happy hours that somehow would always end at midnight. Angie always has the latest gossip on all things Bravo and celebrity news, you can always count on her to keep you in the know. Plus, you can count on her having your back especially in Abilene, Tx when you encounter unpleasant situation.

Diego Villarreal


Diego is Angie's husband, all three worked together in the mortgage industry in Dallas, Alba introduced him to Michael and they quickly became friends. Both are from small Texas towns, love the Dallas Cowboys, and both enjoy the game of golf. Since then, they’ve had numerous rounds where Diego’s score is always up for debate. Diego is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fanatic and a blue belt, he is also responsible for introducing Michael to the sport. Michael went 3-0 on sparring matches with Diego his first week and retired undefeated from the sport shortly thereafter.

Melissa Tanner-Smith


Melissa is the Bride’s friend. They met while working in the mortgage industry and bonded when they found out they were both Texas Tech alums. They love sharing pictures of their little nieces (who are not so little now), hobo clutches, and tracking down Leo DiCaprio’s immediate whereabouts. Throughout the years, they lived in the same neighborhoods which led to coordinated pizza dates and workout endeavors...(but mainly pizza dates). Melissa was the best ACL tour guide for the Bride, Groom & MOH when they went to their first music festival.

J. David Torrescano


Chacho is Michael's older brother. They share many childhood memories together and their love for a good meal. Chacho introduce Lola into the couple's life and they are forever thankful. He has been key part of the couple's life and they look forward to having him be part of their special day.

Lola Castillo-Torrescano

Honorary Bridesmaid

Lola is the Bride & Groom's daughter and their best friend. She is a rescue animal and has been the most loyal companion throughout their relationship. Although Lola will not be in attendance on the big day, she will be there in spirit and sending her bark wishes all the way from the Lone Star State.

Alberto C. Galindo


Alberto goes way back with the couple. Alberto and Michael were both in middle school band and can talk for hours about haute cuisine, James Bond films, modern architecture, and Vesper martinis. For Alberto and Alba, they grew up in the same neighborhood and always had the same math classes. Alba and Alberto have many fond memories with her favorite being running off to George Strait concert in high school that ended with an impromptu stay in San Antonio since they miss their ride home. Also, Alberto has impeccable taste that has helped with her multiple home projects. The Bride & Groom are honored that he will be key part of their wedding.

Natalia Alejandra Peña


Naty is the bride’s niece and Goddaughter, who happens to be the funniest person she knows. When Naty is not preparing for her flower duties, she is getting ready for college and fulfilling her Co-Captain role for the Queen City Belles dance squad.

Rocio Mariana Peña


Mana is the Bride’s niece. Mana takes the best pictures so she will have double duties on wedding day for all the candid shots. Mana performs alongside her sister Naty in the Queen City Belles. If not dancing, you can find her hitting the books to stay at the top of her class.

Luka Ace Castillo

Ring Bearer

Luka is the Bride’s nephew. Luka is the newest member of the Castillo family and ready to fulfill his duties as ring security. When he is not hanging with his parents and dogs, you can find him catching up on Coco-Mellon re-runs.

Jasper Algaze

Ring Bearer

Jasper is the Groom’s grandnephew. Jasper provides the best comic relief while speaking the truth about everything, I mean everything. Jasper can't wait to partner with Luka to provide top notch security on wedding day.

Nicholas Torrescano


Nick is the Groom's nephew, he is enrolled at UT San Antonio full-time working towards a degree in Business Administration. He also works full-time and is the Director of Operations at BlackRock Metals. Nick and Michael enjoy bonding over a round of golf when in San Antonio, but most of all giving Ben (Michael's brother and Nick's dad) grief over his golf swing and choice of industrial, techno music.

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