Kaitlyn & Matt

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September 24

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How We Met

First Came Plants, Then Came The Dog, And Now Comes The Wedding

These back stories are meant to be part corny and part sweet, right? Well that probably sums up how Matt & Kaitlyn became best friends and she said "I Do". After meeting at work, we went on our first date to the CUs vs. Nebraska game (Sko Buffs) way back in 2019 - ya know, before things got weird there for a while? From there, things were easy...all we had to do was get through a lock down while seeing only each other for a whole year. And to celebrate not killing each other, we did the only sensible thing and decided to move in together then get a second dog . Fast forward to this past October to when Matt caught Kaitlyn completely off guard and asked her to spend forever together. And to everyone's surprise, she said yes! So...let's give this a shot and have a party. We can't wait to celebrate with everyone on September 24th.