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September 16, 2023

Florence, Italy

How We Met

And how we never stopped seeing each other...

On August 1st, 2019, the very first night Spencer returned to New York from touring in Europe, he played a DJ gig with his friends at Goodroom, a nightclub in Brooklyn, NY. The music was fierce, but the woman he was about to meet... was fiercer! Erica had just flown in from a work event and made a last minute decision to go directly from JFK to Goodroom to meet up with friends (coincidentally also Spencer's friends). When she walked behind the DJ booth, and was introduced to Spencer, she thought... "Wow", and he thought "WOW"! Even though they didn't get a chance to speak much that night, it was an instant connection. A couple weeks later, Spencer messaged Erica on Instagram and asked her to meet him at an event he was working, which she happily obliged. They spent the whole night talking and laughing like old friends, as if knowing each other for years. Sharing so much in common- a love for New York City, house music, and heckling slow walkers. They even joked about getting married in Morocco (aren't you glad we chose Italy?). They spent the remainder of that night galavanting through New York's underbelly and dancing the night (into the morning) away. The rest was history, as they say. They've spent maybe a week in total away from each other ever since that first date 4 years ago. Ollie gained a Dad, Erica gained a dependent on her health insurance, and Spencer gained a fierce affinity for showing up to things on time. That's Amore!