Samantha & Juan


Juan Elvir


Samantha St. Cyr

Idaho Springs


July 13


How we Met

Although we had SO many mutual friends, it took us until the last semester of Senior year at Wheaton College to meet! We were both education majors, and took our final classes together while we were student teachers at separate schools. In the final weeks before graduation, our education cohort took a trip to Northern Wisconsin, where we fell in love (as Juan would say). In reality, we took a walk together one drizzly afternoon, started getting to know each other, and each of us thought the other one was pretty cool.

How Sam Turned Juan Down :(

dun dun DUNNNNN

When we got back to campus after our Education retreat, there was only one week left before graduation. Even though we were finished with our classes, all of our friends had finals that were taking up their time. That only left one option: spend a considerable amount of free time together. Keep in mind, this time spent together was very date-ish. Throughout that week: - Juan taught Sam how to develop film - They ate pupusas and watched Hot Rod - They stayed up late showing each other their favorite songs on the soccer field - They went out for ice cream AND AFTER THEY GOT ICE CREAM they had a big DTR (define the relationship) chat in Juan's car. He confessed his feelings, Sam confessed that she didn't feel like they knew each other well enough to start a long-distance relationship, as she already knew she was moving to Colorado over the Summer. After this talk, Sam went to watch Harry Potter with her friends and shockingly whispered "Juan just confessed his love for me!" Everyone was taken aback. Juan was really sad, and walked around Wheaton's campus in the cold. :(

How We Basically Were In a Long-Distance Relationship Anyway

We both graduated! Sam moved to Minnesota then Colorado and Juan stayed in Illinois. During this time, we were texting every day and had the occasional FaceTime (that would last for hours). One day over the phone, Juan told Sam that he was going to apply for a teaching job in Colorado. He ended up getting the one job he applied for there, and decided to take it! Juan moved to CO a month after Sam did, in the midst of Sam's friends and family being concerned that he was only moving to CO for her. Even though he kind of was, they grew to know each other much better and Sam said yes to a first date! They went to a fancy Italian restaurant, changed into comfy clothes, and went hammocking in the pouring rain. :) He kept asking her on dates, she kept saying yes, and eventually Juan won over her heart, and the hearts of her family and friends.

Then Juan Proposed :)

December 1st, 2022

After dating for a year and a half, Juan proposed to Sam in their favorite Colorado coffee shop, Mango Tree! He told her that he forgot his computer charger there earlier in the day, and wanted to check to see if anyone was still there after it had closed. Sam was suspicious (mainly because Juan said it was "such a beautiful night for a walk" when it was 40 degrees, just to stall), but agreed to approach the dark, obviously closed building. Surprise surprise! The doors were unlocked, and as they turned the corner in the coffee shop Sam could see the gorgeous set-up with rose petals on the floor, string lights and pictures hung up, a yellow bouquet of roses, and Juan's guitar propped up. He sang "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, she harmonized along, and when Juan got down on one knee it was such an easy "Yes!".

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