Ariana & Brett

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Brett Tillett


Ariana Yañez


July 8, 2023

Marion, IA
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How We Met

We met working at the same restaurant. He was a cook, I was a server. We got along well, but I only saw him as a coworker/friend. My sister, Kristen, suggested we date, but I was dead set on never dating him. But Brett and I kept talking at work and eventually I added him on Facebook. I was still 100% sure I was never going to date him, but then one day he came to work with a new haircut and the second I looked at him, I thought, "Omg. I'm probably going to marry him." And the rest is history. <3

The Engagement

Brett and I got engaged on our 4th anniversary, July 4, 2021. I had just gotten home at around 1:00 in the morning from my nightshift job and he was patiently waiting for me. He asked me if I wanted to go for a drive and I reluctantly said, "Yes." We drove out to a path going towards a walking bridge near where we had our first date. We couldn't see hardly anything since it was the middle of the night, so all we had were our flashlights on our phones. But we could see the stars so clearly and they were so beautiful. I felt him pull away from me and I turned around to see him on his knee. He had a speech ready, but was so nervous and excited that he forgot everything he wanted to say. But it didn't matter to me one bit because I barely let him speak before I said, "Yes!" He also immediately apologized for the ring because it wasn't my size. He told me he was just too excited to wait for one that fit, so we decided to wait on telling everyone that we were engaged. We only meant to wait a month or two, but we ended up waiting almost six months and finally spilled the beans on Christmas. Oops.