September 18, 2021
Baltimore, MD

Angela & Lorenzo



Lorenzo Wooten Jr


Angela Vaughn




September 18


How They Met

The couple met in March 2018, on a (not so well-known) dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. Angela was introduced to the app by her friend Megan (Turner) and Lorenzo learned about it from his friend Russ (Brown). Neither had been on the app long before finding each other. Of course, Lorenzo "liked" Angela's profile first. He was intrigued by her introduction, which came across as confident, focused and down to earth...but the picture in her tight jeans sealed the deal! All it took was Lorenzo's amazing smile to catch Angela's attention and she soon reciprocated interest. They started communicating by chatting through the app and a few days later, Angela gave Lorenzo her phone number. The chemistry was undeniable and within a week, Lorenzo was determined to meet Angela in person. Luckily for both, neither was disappointed and the connection they felt over the phone was confirmed. From there, the two started dating, like became love and a strong foundation was formed.

The Proposal

The couple was scheduled to travel to Jamaica in November 2019 for Lorenzo's brother's wedding. Lorenzo knew that he did not want to go to another event introducing Angela as his "girlfriend." He was ready to make things official and enlisted the help of Angela's friend Jian (Holley) to find the perfect ring. Since the couple was traveling on Angela's actual birthday, Lorenzo planned a surprise proposal under the guise of an early birthday celebration. He made dinner reservations at the restaurant where he asked her to be his girlfriend, The Bygone at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, and prepped Angela for drinks afterwards with a couple of friends. Upon arrival, Angela went to the ladies room where she spent several minutes, which seemed like an hour to Lorenzo. When she came out, he escorted her to the terrace to see this "new building" that had been built, but when Angela struggled to find it, Lorenzo revealed the real reason they were there. To her surprise, Lorenzo got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! Of course she said, "YES!" It gets better.... After dinner, Lorenzo informed Angela that their friends had arrived for drinks and were holding a space for them at the bar. He led Angela upstairs and when she turned the corner, over 50 friends and family members screamed "SURPRISE!" catching her totally off guard! With support from his daughter Jasmine (Jones), Angela's sister Vanessa (Vaughn), family friend Tia (Fossett-Swain) and future groomsman Tony (Heath), Lorenzo had organized a surprise party in 6 days for everyone to celebrate their engagement. Angela was SHOCKED at some of the attendees who had traveled from out of state. Tears were flowing, hugs were given and smiles did not leave their faces. It was the best day ever....or at least until September 18, 2021.

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