Angelica & William

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June 28 - 29, 2024

Cleveland, OH
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Our Story

As members of John Carroll University's cross country and track and field team, Angelica and Will had run in the same circles well before they began dating. Following college, Angelica got a job in Ann Arbor, and then Chicago. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted their plans to reunite in Chicago, bringing Angelica back to Northeast Ohio after a three-month stint in Will's hometown of Toledo. The two grew closer than ever, with a newfound appreciation for seeing one another daily and an excitement to start a life together in Cleveland. Angelica is not an easy person to surprise and Will is no master of deception. As Cleveland thawed in the Spring of 2023, Will feared coming home to a deep-cleaned home and the discovery of the engagement ring he had hidden in the back of his closet. He ruminated over how he could catch her off guard with a surprise proposal after dating for nearly a decade. The last weekend in April, Angelica was set to return from an overseas wedding of a close friend. Her time away gave Will a week to iron out some last-minute details for his planned proposal. If there was a chance to catch her by surprise, it might be after a few days of international travel. Angelica's trip home was complicated by flight cancellations and overnight delays. By the time Angelica put her luggage in the trunk of their car at the Cleveland-Hopkins airport, it was 16 hours later than originally scheduled. Will had never seen Angelica in such a state of jetlag-induced delirium. That was when he knew that his plan had a chance. They took a Saturday to recover. Then, on Sunday morning, Will suggested they get out of the house via a routine trip to Cleveland's east side for a coffee and a walk around Shaker Heights. After an extra latte and good conversation, Will assessed that Angelica had finally regained her decision-making capacity, and could freely consent to a lifelong commitment. When the rain cleared, it was time to head to Lower Shaker Lake for the proposal. Once arrived, Will expressed his love to Angelica and asked her to marry him. She was so surprised she forgot to answer at first - but eventually he got that "yes"!

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