Savannah & Piotr







June 15, 2024

Lenoir, NC
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Our Love Story

For months, or possibly years, Lenae & Devon, the "wedding MVPs" would say Pete & Sav should meet; they'd be a great fit. Nov. 2017 Fast forward to when Pete came to visit in Lancaster and Savannah met up with them after work. That night, they talked for hours and fell asleep on the couch with Pete's feet in Sav's face... Jan. 2018 They went on their first official date - a full night of fun in Philly, just them two, and after that, they knew...the Myers knew what they were talking about. They were a good fit. Jan. 2019 They started their journey together to Texas. With the help and support of their families, friends and especially David, their awesome officiant. Jun. 2022 They bought their first home together, giving Chewbs his very own backyard. Feb. 2023 An unforgettable day! Pete gets down on one knee on top of a mountain, with the best view in Death Valley, struggling to get the little box out of his cargo pant's pocket to ask Savannah to marry him, of course with the most fitting travel partners - the Myers. Jun. 2024 The best day ever! Pete & Savannah celebrate their love with their closest friends and family and live happily ever after...