Aaron & Whitney

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Whitney Turek


Whitney is the daughter of Tim and Jill Turek, who are VERY happy with Whitney's choice in future husband (she had them worried there for a bit). Aaron says her compassion for others is what initially caught his attention. At the wedding she will likely be found crying happy tears while trying to savor every moment.

Aaron McDaniel


Originally from Alaska, Aaron is the eldest son of Dan and Sheri McDaniel. Whitney says Aaron's patience and humor initially attracted her to him (though his dad jokes typically receive eye rolls nowadays). At the wedding, Aaron will most likely be found at the bar and dragged into pictures by Whitney.

Paige Turek


Paige is the middle sister of the Turek girls and can always be trusted to tell it how it is and keep the family farm running and the boys in check. At the wedding, she will likely be found cracking jokes with guests.

Rachel Turek


As the youngest Turek sister, Rachel brings the sass and fun to the Turek trio. At the wedding, she can likely be found at the bar or on the dance floor.

Adam McDaniel


Adam is Aaron's younger brother and fellow hockey teammate. At the wedding, he can likely be found chasing around his 8 littles with his parter in crime, Katie and cracking jokes with (or at) Aaron.

Harper McDaniel


Harper is the daughter of Aaron and future step-daughter of Whitney. With a love (and energy) for constant fun, Harper will likely use her charm to convince guests to a dance battle with added cartwheels for a little pizazz.

Sylvie Grafton

Flower Girl

Miss Sylvie Kate is the daughter of Kati and Micah Grafton. Kati and Whitney's friendship began during Whitney's childhood when she was hired as the summer babysitter. Over the years, Kati became like an older sister to Whitney and, in turn, Sylvie like a niece. At the wedding, Sylvie is most likely to be busting a move or telling stories.

Elyas Maksoud

Ring Bearer

Elyas is the son of Morgan and Noor Maksoud of Houston, TX. Whitney and Morgan met in college and quickly became best friends, navigating all the highs and lows of life together. Even from a distance and in the throws of adulthood/momhood, they've remained ride-or-dies and Elyas like a nephew to Whitney. At the wedding, he is mostly to be found judging the food and exploring outside.

Bryce Byers


Whitney and Bryce have been friends since pre-k (or earlier) and were roommates after Whitney's move back to Wichita for about 3 years. He has seen the ups and downs of Whitney's past relationships and was the biggest "hype man" of Whitney and Aaron's relationship from the beginning. At the wedding, he is most likely to be found at the bar and laughing with friends.

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