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"We're embarking on a lifelong adventure together!"









October 8


We are getting married on


(which is the sum up of our birthdays if you cannot tell ;P)

Bound by Fate: A Love Story Across Continents and Classrooms


In a serendipitous twist of fate, their paths converged on a warm summer day in 2017. She, a graceful and ambitious girl, had spent her formative years in the enchanting land of China before embarking on a new chapter at the University of Maryland. He, a determined and adventurous boy, grew up amidst the gentle whispers of North Carolina and later found his purpose serving in the Navy for six years. Fate, it seemed, had intricately woven their stories together. Their destinies entwined when they found themselves sitting side by side in a classroom that fateful summer. As their eyes met, an instant connection sparked, kindling a fire that would forever change their lives. With each passing day, their bond grew stronger, transcending cultural boundaries and blossoming into a love that knew no bounds. Their love story was one of constant movement and exploration. From College Park, Maryland, to Fairfax, Virginia, they traversed the paths of their shared journey. Together, they embraced new experiences, immersing themselves in diverse communities and weaving the tapestry of their love with vibrant threads of adventure and resilience. Through the highs and lows, their commitment to one another remained unshakable. They navigated the uncertainties of life hand in hand, supporting each other's dreams and aspirations. United in their unwavering love, they built a foundation that stood the test of time, rooted in trust, understanding, and a shared vision for their future. Now, as the leaves of autumn began to paint the world in hues of gold and amber, their love story reached its most enchanting chapter yet. On the blissful day of October 8th, they would pledge their eternal devotion to one another. Surrounded by loved ones, they would exchange vows, promising to walk through life's journey as soulmates, forever bound by a love that knew no boundaries. Their love story, a magnificent tapestry of cultural fusion, resilience, and unwavering commitment, serves as a testament to the power of fate and the enduring magic of true love. Together, they have discovered that the beauty of love lies not only in finding one another but also in the unwavering pursuit of a shared happily ever after.

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