Wedding Party

We’re Getting Married

Markus Brown


Valencia Mcneil


October 7, 2023

St. Augustine, FL

Our Love Story


We met four years ago when we worked for the same company. Two young, driven professionals met and quickly became dear friends! We made a perfect pair while working together and quickly became the company’s spotlight duo. And yet, we had no idea what was in store for our future relationship. Not long thereafter, God revealed to us, our mutual affection and adoration for one another. From there the adventures began! Our love grew and grew until we simply knew that we couldn’t live without one another. This became the love story of not two, but three passionate souls! Claire became the heartbeat of our relationship. Not only did we successfully build a strong team at work, we began to work diligently on laying the foundations of a strong family bonded in love and grounded in Christ. With our little love Claire, we’ve explored some of Gods most beautiful creations all over the nation. And now we are ready to solidify our love for one another officially and forevermore! We are looking forward to our guests witnessing the love in hearts becoming one. The unification of a family that is built on being intimate with God and doing his work. The purifying of our minds and spirits. The rock upon which our house shall be built. Our tender love, on display for all to see and take part in. Laughter, dancing and praising the Lord God in celebration of our unity.

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