Trey & Annie

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Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Trey Skocy


Annie Eydt-Beebe


May 26, 2024

Gatlinburg, TN
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How it started...

March 2020

A week before the world went on "lockdown" due to the pandemic, Trey and Annie met in person for the first time at an admitted students day for Eastern Illinois University's graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology. While they certainly knew of each other while growing up in neighboring small towns, the two never really crossed paths until this day. After this visit day, Annie vividly remembers asking Trey what the likeliness of them attending the same graduate program would be, as both applied to numerous schools. Trey blatantly responded, "eh, probably won't happen." Little did he know then, both of them would accept offers to EIU within the next month, and even accept Graduate Assistant jobs within the same department. Trey and Annie spent the summer of 2020 taking online coursework, working together at the Mattoon Country Club, and hanging out with both of their friend groups often. It wasn't until late July when Trey officially asked Annie on their first date to the Gabby Goat in Effingham, IL. The couple spent the evening eating, having drinks, grabbing ice cream, and of course watching an episode of the Skocy Family Feud. Many dates followed to see all of central Illinois' finest places (Moonshine Grill and the "Big Things" in Casey, of course) before Trey officially asked Annie to be his girlfriend on August 30th!

How it's going...

July 2021

After a year of officially dating and navigating a strenuous first year of grad school, Trey and Annie embarked on their first big adventure together. They moved down to Knoxville, Tennessee, and began a year of full-time externships to complete their Master's Degrees. While it was hard to say goodbye to family, Trey, Annie, and Coop have settled right in to life in Tennessee. Over two years later, they are thoroughly enjoying their new home in the Smokies! On the weekdays, Trey and Annie work as SLP's in the hospital and private practice settings. On the weekends, you can find them cheering on the Vols with their season tickets, finding new dog parks for Cooper, or exploring new hikes and trails.

The Proposal

June 13, 2023

While on a family vacation with the Skocys to Navarre Beach, Florida, Trey popped the big question! What Annie thought was just an evening of sunset family pictures on the beach quickly turned into the most magical moment. Trey got down on a knee and asked her to marry him as the photographer was snapping pictures of just the two. The surprises only continued that night as they got back to the rental house to find it completely decorated, as well as Annie's Mom and her best friend, Ally, there! Trey could not have coordinated everything more perfectly. Everyone was able to enjoy the rest of the week together relaxing on the beach and celebrating the happy couple!

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